11/11/10 – Interested in a Co-op? XMAS Party on Dec 3rd

We have had some suggestions from members that a Food Coop could be of some interest.  In general, the way these things work are that a group of people (say 4-10) decide to do the co0p.  The gym would be set as the delivery point and every week a delivery of local/organic fruits and vegetables would be delivered.  Each person would take their share. The average price is around $30 per week per person.  (Individual shares can be split as well)  Here are two links.  Please let me know if you are interested and we can get something going.

1.) Suburban Organics – Recommended by Billy whose cousin gives it two thumbs up.

2.) Purple Dragon Co-op – Recommended by Chris Stepien who does it.

The Christmas party is set for Friday night, December 3rd, starting @ 7pm.  There will not be any CrossFit classes on that Friday night.

Today’s Recipe – Tangy Italian Chicken in Bacon – Girl Gone Primal

Today’s Links –

Snatch Bros.
Snatch Bros.
Group torture
Group torture

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility WOD – Box Squat Tension – New Pain Ball Hell
  • Back Squat – 5-5-5 (Increase weight 10 – 20% from your front squat weight.  Keep same weight across 3 sets)
  • WOD – Four rounds w/ one minute rest for total calories + reps
    • 1 min Row
    • 1 min DB Thrusters (30/20)
    • 1 min Plank
  • Stretch

11 thoughts on “11/11/10 – Interested in a Co-op? XMAS Party on Dec 3rd”

  1. I’m interested in the co-op too. Please keep me informed.
    I’ve also considered a cow share. Is anyone else interested in that?
    Anthony, check out LocalHarvest.com or eatwild.com.

  2. Hmmm. I guess Chez Kelly is interested is a food co-op. Will take a look at the 2 links. Thanks, Tim!!

  3. Guys-

    If you are interested in local meats, I would highly suggest Gary & Basia… husband and wife farmers up in Sussex county ([email protected]). They are very good to their animals and produce some of the most delicious meats around (their pork is fantastic!).

    Jill and I have bought a half a hog from them, and a quarter of a beeve (they’re not really cows per se), and now they sell packaged meats at our farmer’s market. Their chickens are great too.

    If you put a big enough order together I am sure they could work out something for delivery.

    Also, if anyone is interested in venison, let me know. ‘Tis the season and some of us get a bit more than we need for the year.

  4. they raise belted galloways btw. heritage breed and very good meat.

    Also if you are looking at grassfed, make sure they are grass finished too.

  5. I bought a beef sampler from a farm in upsate NY a few months back. They have full and half shares available but I would rather work with a farm that is closer. I’ll look into the farm that Ian recommends as well as few others and get back to those interested with the details.