11/24/11 – Pay Before You Play

Updated Schedule for Friday – 6am / 9:30am Only.  No night classes. If there are enough people we could get a 12pm class together.  Post to the comments section.

Today’s Recipe – Pumpkin and Pecan Muffins – Primal Palate

Today’s Link – GERD Brainstorming – Hunt Gather Love – Ever since I had my stomach virus I started having bad acid reflux.  If any of you suffer from this, you should check this post out.

Hey San Giacomo and Napilitano.....say hello to ya motha for me.
Michelle, Torrey, and Jenny jumping for reals

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Team WOD – In teams of 3 complete the following –
    • 3600m Sandbag Run Rotating every 300m
    • 150 DB Hang Clean Thrusters (35/25)
    • 150 Burpees
    • 150 Toes To Bar
    • 150 Ring Rows
      • NOTE: Only one teammate per exercise at a time.  Once the run is completed the entire team can work towards finishing the exercises.  Hint: Don’t ignore one exercise as only one person will be able to work on it at a time.
  • Stretch

5 thoughts on “11/24/11 – Pay Before You Play”

  1. Just wanted to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to my 908 family!! I hope that you all have a great day and enjoy all the yummy food!! I’m so thankful that 908 is part of my life and keeps me strong and healthy 😉 I’m also thankful that all of you have made 908 part of your lives!! xoxo
    –katie carroll

  2. I’d go to a 12 on Friday, too, but I could probably do 9:30 if you can’t get enough folks for noon.

    Oh, and I jump onto a higher box now–that pic has become outdated! 😀