There is a CrossFit Fundamentals Review today at 8:30am for the group that just finished.

Today’s Recipe – Meat and Veggie Stuffed Squash – Dialed In Nutrition

Today’s Links –

Eric completing a sumo deadlift high pull
Eric completing a sumo deadlift high pull
Mike H doing the same
Mike H doing the same

**Okay, so Tim has written up this post… but now I am hijacking it while he’s sleeping.  Poor guy is sick in bed with bronchitis!  This is Erin of course.  Tim’s 28th birthday is this Sunday (March 13), so I felt it was necessary to let everyone know that! And I also wanted to thank Tim for all of his hard work.  CrossFit 908 has been such a great success for the past year and a half, and Tim has worked so hard for it.  It has brought so much positive energy into our lives on a daily basis, and the gym’s members are such a huge part of that.  I am so proud of you Tim!!!   So if any of you are thinking of sleeping in late tomorrow and skipping the wod, maybe you should help cheer up the sick birthday guy with a big group class in the morning…. Just sayin’ 🙂  And now, since Tim is too humble to ever post pictures of his achievements, I will toot his own horn by posting this next photo.

40 lb Split Jerk PR @ 315#!  Go TIMMMMM it's yo birfday!
40 lb PR - Split Jerk @ 315#! Go TIMMMMM it's yo birfday!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up + Jog a lap
  • WOD – 20 min AMRAP –
    • Run 300m
    • 20 Burpees
    • Row 300m
    • NOTE – You can run or row first to avoid overlap on the rowers.
  • 10 minute squat test – sit in the bottom of a squat for ten minutes.  heels must stay planted and knees must be in line with toes.
  • Stretch
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