03/13/11 – Thank You! …and Sunday Update

Thank you everyone for your nice comments and warm wishes.  A word to the wise.  Try not to have bronchitis on your birthday.  It does not help the hangover situation.  Seriously though, the comments make what I do seem very meaningful, and I am very appreciative of that.  Thank you again, everybody!

CrossFit 908 is hosting the CrossFit Games Open Sectionals.  We need to pick a day that works best for our athletes.  My suggestion is for Thursday night.  I won’t be there for 3 Saturdays out of the 6 so we can’t do it then. Let’s get a discussion going on the blog so we can figure something out soon.  Thanks.

This week at the 908….

  • Monday, 03/14 – Front Squat + Conditioning
  • Tuesday, 03/15 – Tabata
  • Wednesday, 03/16 – The Seven
  • Thursday, 03/17 – Your day (Rest / Make up a WOD / Endurance / Goal Work)
  • Friday, 03/18 – Running WOD
  • Saturday, 03/19 – Interval Conditioning

9 thoughts on “03/13/11 – Thank You! …and Sunday Update”

  1. Not during the week! With working all day times will definitely reflect. My suggestion is the 3 saturdays ur here we do it and the other three go to another host gym (koa or guerilla). That’s at least what ill probably do.