03/12/11 – Saturday Running

There is a CrossFit Fundamentals Review today at 8:30am for the group that just finished.

Today’s Recipe – Meat and Veggie Stuffed Squash – Dialed In Nutrition

Today’s Links –

Eric completing a sumo deadlift high pull
Eric completing a sumo deadlift high pull
Mike H doing the same
Mike H doing the same

**Okay, so Tim has written up this post… but now I am hijacking it while he’s sleeping.  Poor guy is sick in bed with bronchitis!  This is Erin of course.  Tim’s 28th birthday is this Sunday (March 13), so I felt it was necessary to let everyone know that! And I also wanted to thank Tim for all of his hard work.  CrossFit 908 has been such a great success for the past year and a half, and Tim has worked so hard for it.  It has brought so much positive energy into our lives on a daily basis, and the gym’s members are such a huge part of that.  I am so proud of you Tim!!!   So if any of you are thinking of sleeping in late tomorrow and skipping the wod, maybe you should help cheer up the sick birthday guy with a big group class in the morning…. Just sayin’ 🙂  And now, since Tim is too humble to ever post pictures of his achievements, I will toot his own horn by posting this next photo.

40 lb Split Jerk PR @ 315#!  Go TIMMMMM it's yo birfday!
40 lb PR - Split Jerk @ 315#! Go TIMMMMM it's yo birfday!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up + Jog a lap
  • WOD – 20 min AMRAP –
    • Run 300m
    • 20 Burpees
    • Row 300m
    • NOTE – You can run or row first to avoid overlap on the rowers.
  • 10 minute squat test – sit in the bottom of a squat for ten minutes.  heels must stay planted and knees must be in line with toes.
  • Stretch

44 thoughts on “03/12/11 – Saturday Running”

  1. Sistah!! I looove the post :). Great photo, Tim!! I’ll be there tomrw AM-I’m bringing the coffee!! Yeah!! Happy Bday, my dear brother!! I just love u so much :). Congrats on all ur successes!! Xoxoxo

  2. Tim pointed out to me the other day that many people forget about the “hidden” meat, aka tubesteak smothered in underwear. Perhaps this is his favorite recovery meal and the reason he set such an insane PR.

    Anyway, good work, feel better, and Happy birthday man!

  3. Tim Happy Birthday! You have helped me reach so many of my goals. I can not thank you enough. Hope you feel better big guy!

  4. Happy birthday Tim! You have helped me so much…hope you feel better and get to enjoy your BDAY.

  5. Happy B-day Tim! I am proud to be a member of crossfit908 and thank you for the great coaching!

  6. Happy Birthday, Tim. Still no workouts for me for a few more weeks and today’s looked great! I miss everyone and I miss pushing myself in those WODs! Tim, I am so amazed at what you have done with CF908. Erin so eloquently expressed the positive energy that flows in that place…and you are the main motivating source!

    A few asides: Hey, who stole my meat and veggie squash recipe!!?? And, Tim, you know I make that dish and it’s delish!

    Erin: Great post! Don’t forget that you are also part of what makes CF908 such a welcoming place.

    Last: Does anyone know where I can get some good grassfed tube steak?? John’s Meat Market in Scotch Plains is now selling grassfed beef. Guess I can go there today and ask.


  7. Happy birthday Timmy! I’m so glad I am a part of 908 and it makes me proud that my coach is the best jerker around.

  8. the Real Pat Earley

    That jerk was Filthy Brotha!! Remember for next time though……you must Clean it, before you Jerk it.

  9. Tim happy birthday!!! So so sorry i couldn’t make it today, i hope you feel better and get to enjoy your bday. Thank you for helping me reach so many goals as well, and keep pushing me even when i think i cant do it anymore

    Ps. Grrreat pic!!!!

  10. Happy birthday, Tim! I am very glad to have found crossfit908. Thanks for your positive energy, eye for good technique, and for motivating everyone to be at their best. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  11. Tim – Happy Birthday! You deserve a special day. Thank you for all that you have done to improve my life. With your encouragement, I have met so many goals that just a year ago I never even knew I had.

  12. Dear Mr. Carroll. Happy birthday sir. It must have been quite the release after such an intensive jerk! I know I just had a mind-blowing release, and I’m not using ANY weight when I jerk, however I am in a split. It’s all part of my paleo/rest and recovery routine.

    Anywho, I’m going to do another “virtual Fran”. I just set another PR. Those nasty girls are….nasty! Lol. I can’t wait to Kip my own body weight and crush thrusters.

    P.S. I love (almost) being part of this “box”. Happy birthday birthday boy! I love your new haircut and don’t think you look like a Lego guy.

  13. I vowed to never post again but it’s Tim’s birthday so I will put my artistic differences aside. Happy birthday big boy!

  14. Hey Johnson,
    Have you tried Steve’s original Paleo Krunch? It’s grainless granola comprised of coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, and honey. Only 6 grams of saturated fat, 1200 calories (yowser!) and 7 grams of protein. Sometimes as a snack I mix a bar in with plain greek yogurt along with some blueberries or fresh road kill. Delish!

  15. Hey JR. Yeah that stuff is dope. They say you can eat as a cereal when mixed with soy milk but my special recipe is 4 oz peptol bismol, 6 oz kettle one, and a 1 oz package of Steve’s original Paleo Krunch!

  16. Tim,

    I’m in John Johnson’s trunk bound with duct tape. There are shovels and bags of lyme. If I live I promise to come back to the gym. And happy birthday! POSTED FROM MY IPHONE (ROAMING)

  17. Happy Birthday, Timbo! IF I had come this morning (was in NYC sleeping off booze), I would have made YOU a mixed tape. I mean a Ke$ha CD. Great picture!

    In all honesty though, I’m very glad to have met this CF908 group. I actually have muscles in parts of my body now! It is amazing!

  18. Happy Birthday Tim! I’ve been coming for such a short time and can already see a difference. Thanks for your help!

    Nice post Erin!

    Btw, this Henry fellow is fascinating. And sometimes I’m afraid. And sometimes confused. 🙂

  19. YAYYYYYY!!! happy birthday!! on your actual birthday… from your home!!! 😉 hehe so much fun!!! so happy to celebrate your birthday with you and so happy to be a part of such an amazing gym and community!! Thank YOU for being such a great coach and friend!!! love you!!! 🙂