01/01/17 – Happy New Year!

Reminder – We are closed today.

Thursdays are now programmed workouts.  Thursdays at 7:15pm will be a speciality class whose focus will change on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  We will start the year off with rope climbs, especially since we will be climbing on Saturday.  Come learn efficient foot holds, and how to properly and efficiently come down from the rope.  We are confident you all can climb a rope.  Come learn how!

The week ahead

  • Mon – Back Squat (Week 9 – one more week after this) + Triplet
  • Tue – Open Workout 14.4
  • Wed – DB Bench + Couplet
  • Thurs – Pull Up / Push Up + Triplet
  • Fri – Back Squat + Burpees
  • Sat – Partner Workout (Rope Climbs)
  • Sun – Yoga + Open Gym