03/20/11 – Sunday Update

CrossFit Games Open Sectionals Competitors – CrossFit has extended the deadline for submissions on Wod #1. That means you have until 03/27 to submit your score.  If you have already completed the workout and want to improve your score, you can complete it as many times as you like until next Sunday.  On Wednesday, 03/23, some of us will be doing the workout at night.  If you want to judge, or come to cheer us on, please post to the comments section. I’m really looking forward to being able to do the workout with my crew!  Congratulations to everyone who has already completed the workout.  You all did fantastic.  Now, let’s do it again and get another 30 reps!

This week @ 908…

  • Monday, 03/21 – Back Squat + Conditioning
  • Tuesday, 03/22 – Conditioning
  • Wednesday, 03/23 – Hero Wed – Michael
  • Thursday, 03/24 – Rest / Make Up / Endurance / Goal Work
  • Friday, 03/25 – Split Jerk + CF Endurance Run or Row
  • Saturday, 03/26 – Running WOD

1 thought on “03/20/11 – Sunday Update”

  1. The sectional WOD is great workout. I tried it on thursday…very challenging. If you haven’t, I recommend giving it a shot maybe at thursday’s open gym! Just one man’s unprofessional opinion.