01/17/12 – Sleds!

Spartan Race! – CrossFit 908 has a team!  REGISTER HERE! – Find CrossFit 908.  “CrossFit” is the password.  Thank you to Heather H. for organizing this!

Dear Mark – Fenugreek and HGH, Marathons and Strength Training, Gluten and Eczema, and Insect Nutrition – Mark’s Daily Apple

Homemade Berry Balsamic Salad Dressing – Life As A Plate

Jason and Allen
Jim R.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Partner WOD – 10 Rounds Each For Time – Rest while your partner goes or rest 1 minute
    • 10 Calorie Row
    • 10 m Sled Push (+45/+25)
    • 10 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
  • Accessory – 3 x 20 GHD Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

37 thoughts on “01/17/12 – Sleds!”

  1. Some questions I thought I’d share the answers to.

    Referring to something like the pizza question. If that is your cheat meal, for instance, is it -1 point for every slice you eat and if you were having more than one alcoholic beverage an additional -1. So 2 pieces of pizza+ 2 vodka tonic= -3 points?
    Answer – Meals are counted in their entirety. So, a meal, no matter how bad it is, is -1. Anything after the meal will be additional negative points. Drinks outside of the meals in excess of 1 count as -1 point per drink.

    I hear you guys talk a lot about gluten. Is gluten free necessarily paleo? What are some things to look for in ingredients that are tell tail signs or words.
    Answer – Gluten free is not necessarily Paleo. Most paleo foods are naturally gluten free. Stay away from food items that traditionally have gluten in them like bread and pasta that claim to be gluten free. Look for wheat in the ingredients list.

    Any other secret things I might not think about… like gum? B/c that surprised me for whatever reason!
    Answer – Sauces usually have hidden sugar. Watch out for salad dressings. Make your own sauces and dressings.

    Are sweet potatoes allowed? What a quinao?
    Answer – Yes to sweet potatoes, no to quinao.

    how about Soy products like soy burgers? soy milk or almond milk or coconut milk?
    Answer – No Soy at all. Almond milk is okay unsweetened. Same with coconut milk.

    Why a tablespoon of heavy cream? Not just regular milk?
    Answer – Heavy Cream is mostly fat, nutritionally. Milk still has lactose which we are looking to avoid.

    And what would you say is probably the biggest key to being successful at this. It is so out of the box from the way I have ever thought about food so I feel very uneasy about it.
    Answer – Be prepared. Go to the food store. Give yourself lots of choices. Explore different meats, fruits, vegetables. Have snacks on hand. Don’t get ravenous. Eat until you are satisfied.

    1. Coconut milk is not just ok, it is freaking diesel fuel. Medium chain triglycerides FTW. (Nerd moment, sorry)

      Bonus tip- you can get it in tetra-packs that are BPA free if you’re concerned with that stuff. I know they sell Arroy-D 100% coconut milk in cartons at the Asian Supermarket on 22.

      Also- beware ‘Coconut Milk’ that is meant to replace dairy milk- the ingredients are frequently not ‘paleo’ (or very appetizing sounding).