01/23/12 – Week #1 Complete

Nutrition Challengers!  You have completed your first week.  Congratulations!  It looks like everyone is still posting his or her points daily.  Today, post your points from Sunday and your week 1 total.  Any questions or comments, please post to the comments section.

Spartan Race – Sunday, 06/03 @ 11am. Team “908″ has about 15 people registered. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Get involved with the community aspect of the gym and come do what looks to be a great event!

CrossFit 908 Ski Trip – February 17-20 @ Mount Snow Vermont. All money is due ASAP. Indecision 2012 ends 01/31. Are you in?

CrossFit 908 Atlantic City Trip – Saturday, March 31 @ Trump Plaza. There is a sign up on the white board at the gym. Erin will be sending an email out today. We are going to burn that place down!

60 Health and Fitness Blogs You Can Read – MDA and Robb Wolf made the list

The 908 Fundamentals group
Who knew Allen was so jacked?

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Overhead Squat – 3×10 – Form is paramount here.  Don’t worry about weight.  If you are unable to successfully complete an OHS with an unloaded barbell, complete 3×10 front squat with 10 pass throughs with PVC and band stretching between sets.
  • WOD – AMRAP 8
    • Increasing rep scheme – 2-4-6-8…..
      • Right Arm Hang Dumbbell Snatch (25-30 / 15-20)
      • Left Arm Hang Dumbbell Snatch
      • Hand Release Push Up
  • Accessory – 2 sets max effort hollow hold
  • Stretch

41 thoughts on “01/23/12 – Week #1 Complete”

  1. Quick math reminder. 7 days of +2 = 14. 6 days of +2 and 1 day of -1 = 11. You can not have 13 points at this juncture.

  2. I’m confused. A completely clean da = +2… A single cheat in one day (ie a piece of bread) is -1. So wouldn’t that just be +1 for the day? Or if you cheat you automatically lose both points and then get a -1 on top of that?

    1. You automatically go into negative territory. Your day is either +2, -1, or worse. There is nothing between +2 and -1.

      1. Ha. This is only because I don’t have a sweet Italian Mother making sausage and peppers for me. XO. Tell your husband to get that meat grinder ready.

  3. Sunday: -1

    Week 1 total = +10 (5 days clean) -3 (weekend CNY festivities) = +7

    I only have 3 cheats left & it’s only the first week. I don’t know how I can last for 5 more weeks. 🙁