02/01/13: A month gone, already…

2013 CrossFit Open Registration is Live! – CrossFit 908 is proud to be a part of this year’s CrossFit Open.  We have passed the judges course, and we are ready to host the Open workouts and uphold the highest standards.  We encourage all of you to give the Open a try.  Yes, at it’s heart it is a competition, but more than that it is 5-weeks of awesome workouts that act as a baseline for your current level of fitness.  What’s even better is that we all convene for the workout of the week, and cheer each other on.  This year we are hoping to host the Open workouts on Saturdays from 10am-12pm.  Since each person needs a judge for each workout, we try to get everyone together.  If Saturdays don’t work for you, you will 100% be able to get someone to judge you on a Thursday, or at Sunday open gym.  Don’t worry about your schedule.  it is cheap to register.  You seriously have nothing to lose.  You will spend some quality time with 908ers, and make our unbelievable community even better.  I hope many of you will sign up!

J-Hott nailing a chest to bar pull up!
J-Hott nailing a chest to bar pull up!
  • Skill – Work up to a 1RM Thruster from the floor
  • WOD – 14 EMOM – Alternating
    • 7 Thrusters (60% of 1RM)
    • 6 Burpees (C-Rx – 8 Lateral Bar Burpees)
  • Finisher – AMRAP2 – Ring Rows (C-Rx – Feet on 20′ box)