02/02/13: One day down, 27 to go! Nutrition Challenge in full effect!

Putting Your Equipment Away – 

So, one of our 908 members hurt herself this week because she landed on a kettlebell that someone had not put away from the previous class.  Everyone knows I would love to use some sarcasm here to get my point across, but this sucks.  It sucks for the person that got hurt because she can’t workout for 1-2 weeks.  It sucks for me, because a client got hurt.  It sucks for you because you have to read this.  I don’t care how spent you are at the end of a workout, clean up after yourself.  That includes any and all equipment you used while in the gym, and any gross sweat/chalk marks.  Stop the madness.

Nutrition Challenge – Posting Your Points

  • You must post your points EVERYDAY!  Please post them to Facebook to the Nutrition Challenge page.  If you do not have Facebook, please post them on the CF 908 comments section of the blog.  

Today’s Workout – Group into teams of 5. Start at one of the 5 stations below.  Move down the list in order.  There is a one-minute rest between stations.

  • Sled Push  – Max Distance  in 10m increments – 3 min  – Choose your weight
  • KB Swings – Max Reps – 3 min – Choose your weight
  • Airdyne – Max Calories – 3 min
  • Row – Max Distance – 3 min
  • Hollow Hold – Max Time Held – 3 min

Competitor Class – 10am

  • Kipping HSPU
  • Snatch Balance
  • WOD – “JT”

Congratulations to our most recent round of Fundamentals graduates.  We look forward to seeing you at the gym!


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