03/02/11 – Push Press + Snatches!

Nutrition Wrap Up – Today is the last day to weight in!

New Fundamentals Class – We are starting a new Fundamentals Group next week.  We already have a group ready to go on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:45pm-7:45pm.  If you are interested please email [email protected].

Today’s Recipe – Sweet and Spicy Whiskey Chicken Wings – Life As A Plate

Today’s Links –

PJ and Stan climbing some ropes!
PJ and Stan climbing some ropes!
Big MIke rocking the 6am!
Big MIke rocking the 6am!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Push Press – 5-4-3-2-1 – Go Heavy!
  • WOD – 21-15-9 reps for time of
    • Snatch (If you are proficient enough I want you to try a true snatch where you receive the bar in a full overhead squat position.  If you are unable to do so safely and properly work on power snatches. RX’d weights are 75//45
    • Burpees
  • Accessory – Collect a total of 2 minutes in a hollow hold
  • Stretch

15 thoughts on “03/02/11 – Push Press + Snatches!”

  1. For obvious reasons, I’m skeptical of the protein affecting kidneys article. Aside from diabetes and hypertension, there are so many more things that can cause CKD and so many things they don’t even know that can cause it. Kidney disease also causes high blood pressure, so that’s like a chicken or egg thing anyway. All I know is I didn’t get kidney disease until I was 25 and I don’t know what caused it. I just know the whole time before then I eat meat like crazy…dead animals are damn tasty.
    Sorry for the rant.

  2. What we do know is that the egg came before the chicken because it wasn’t specified that the egg was a “chicken” egg.

  3. Marisa- how are you doing post-surgery by the way? I haven’t seen any updates on here. Hope recovery is going well and that you can come back to the gym soon! And are you a vegetarian now? I haven’t met anyone at our gym that is a vegetarian yet (I don’t think?), so I’d be curious to see what kind of diet works for a vegetarian. My brother (not that he does any weight training or strenuous exercise of any kind lol) has resorted to lots of tofu products…I haven’t gotten on board with that because of the warnings about soy though. Any other good ways to get protein that don’t involve meat?

    JR – I read that comment with the voice of John Boehner in my head and it made it even funnier! I’m so weird 🙂

  4. JR–LMAO!!! :). Marisa–hi!! I was just asking about u yesterday! I’m wondering, too, how u are doing and how u are feeling. I hope it’s been an uneventful recovery and a comfortable one. I hope ur able to get back to the FIT soon enough! Xoxo

  5. Marisa, I hope you’re better! I love dead animals as well…and I eat a lot of them.

    I am only working out today if Jimmy comes. I like it when he starts his foul mouthed tourettes…it makes me giggle while I’m gasping for breath.

  6. Every day is better and I’ve finally started leaving the house to do things…I was getting so damn bored being at home. Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, I can’t start working out again until ~April 8..I feel so lazy. I’ll probably be stopping by beforehand though to visit.
    Oh my gosh no, I am not a vegetarian! Tofu skeeves me out and I like meat too much. Plus I need a lot of protein now to heal.
    I miss the gym…

  7. john ridgewood

    I just saw John Johnson. He wants Nick to get to the gym as well. He also wants to give a shout out to all the 908er women who love that meat! HOLLA!

  8. I’m with JR. Let’s get Nick back. I say we start working out in front of Nick’s house.

    Marisa – Glad to read that you’re feeling better. Get well & come back soon.

  9. Some believe that scientists in England have cracked the mystery of the chicken-and-egg

    Marissa, while I have yet to meet you (I’m an avid 6am-er), I wish you a speedy and easy recovery.

    Re: tofu products, typically there are only health benefits from fermented soy products such as miso and tempeh…although I am not sure they outweigh all the risks.

    There are those that eat fish and seafood, but not meat who can still follow a paleo/primal diet, but I am not aware of any strict vegetarians who can get adequate protein from simply eggs, legumes, and dairy products..

  10. Hi Tiffany. Thank you. I was an avid 6 am-er..for about 3 weeks until I gave up that time slot! 🙂

  11. Nick, I’m making an appearance tomorrow. You better be there or at least comment on this post already. Otherwise, I’ll tell Jimmy to aim for your head when he decides to launch his jump rope across the gym in anger when he doesn’t achieve desired number of double unders. Pat, still driving around with metal mesh exposed on those tires? Just don’t overcharge my credit card when I rejoin at 6AM.

    Marisa, glad you’re feeling better. Hope everyone is doing well!