03/08/11 – New Fundamentals Tonight @ 6:45pm

Congrats to Jim R. on winning the Nutrition Challenge.  Jim lost 13lbs and nearly 6% of his total bodyweight!  Great job Jim!

The face of hard work! (or taking a #2)
The face of hard work! (or taking a #2)

We are going to try a couple new things for the next two months.  Here they are:

  1. Every Wednesday will be a Hero WOD.  That means the workout will be longer and more challenging than most.  Remember, these too can be scaled down so don’t shy away.  90%+ of people don’t do them as prescribed anyway.
  2. Every Thursday will be a programmed REST DAY.  That means a lot of good things for everybody!  How is that, Tim?  I’ll tell you how.  For the people who want to workout 5 days per week it forces you to rest while giving you structure.  For those who only come twice per week and Thursday happens to be one of them, it allows you to make up a workout that you missed during the week.  For everybody it is a designated lift day. Therefore, if you simply want to come in, lift some heavy stuff, and go home you can.  The week’s programming will be laid out as Monday-Wednesday, Thursday rest, Friday-Saturday, and Sunday rest. This does not mean you can’t come in if you worked out Monday-Wednesday, want to workout Thursday/Friday, and want to take the weekend off.  You can always make it a goal day, or Pat and I can come up with a special “treat” for you.  It’s only a trial, so if it sucks and everybody hates it, we’ll simply revert back.  No biggie.  Ignore this Thursday’s Sunday Update.

New Fundamentals – Starts Tonight @ 6:45pm.  We will be meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights for 4 weeks.  Sign up HERE.

Today’s Recipe – Pesto Salmon and Spaghetti Squash – Primitive Living

Today’s Links –

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with Jimmy's form here?
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with Jimmy's form here? Disclaimer: I know Jim can take the comments so that's why I chose him.
Notice how straight her arms are as she fully extends her ankles, knees and hips.  This is what is meant by full extension and not pulling early with the arms.
Notice how straight her arms are as she fully extends her ankles, knees and hips. This is what is meant by full extension and not pulling early with the arms.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Split Jerk – 1-1-1-1-1 – For those working on form, keep it light and perform multiple reps.  For those comfortable with the movement work up to 5 heavy singles.  Go for a PR!
  • WOD – 3 Rounds For Time
    • 50 Mountain Climbers (Foot must land on outside of your hand)
    • 40 Jumping Lunges (Front shin must remain vertical)
    • 30 Push Ups (Hand Release as rx’d)
  • Collect 90 seconds in an L-Hold in as few sets as possible
  • Stretch

23 thoughts on “03/08/11 – New Fundamentals Tonight @ 6:45pm”

  1. JIMMY"bad form"Edge

    Same stupid face but very different form.Thanks Tim your the greatest!! please people be nice! And congrats Jim R. you da man !!!!

  2. Congratulations, Jim!!!!!! So proud of you!! Now go enjoy a big bowl of pasta! You deserve it! 🙂

    ps couldn’t find that salsa you were talking about

  3. Katie M. Carroll

    Great job, Jim 🙂 Dedication pays off!! And, to the Edge-meister: I’m always bending my arms too early, too!! Practice makes perfect 🙂 Or is it, practice makes you really tired and sore? haha!! 🙂

  4. Jim R, congrats!
    Edge, I love you and your form!

    On a side note, please disregard any comments made by “suz” AKA “John creeper Johnson” concerning “ball gags”. The real Suz never engaged in such scandalous activity in college, and she does not plan on experimenting any time soon. However, she does love to refer to herself in third person.

  5. The rolling out on her ankles makes me nervous…(do we blame the shoes?)

    Congrats, Jim (and nice to see you bright and early this morning)!

    1. the Real Pat Earley

      no Tiff. her feet are, in fact,in the air and should be on their way to a wider squat stance so i wouldnt be worried about it. good catch though 🙂

  6. Thanks all!!

    Lara..I picked you up a container of Salsa while shopping today I’ll bring it Wed if you are there.

  7. Hello all. My name is Henry and I am a prospective cross-fitter living in the Berkeley Heights area. I’ve been checking out the main site for quite some time and am in the process of choosing an affiliate. While I don’t know all the lingo, I’m a little confused by this week’s blogs. Is it common for people who cross-fit to put “The real (insert your name here)” when you post comments? Do I need to refer to myself in the third person? Did that guy Nick ever come to the gym? I am fascinated and want to learn more.

    1. Hey Henry! Thank you so much for the comment. It’s great to know there are people out there following our blog. I’m going to have to defer any and all gym related questions to our business manager Sir John Ridgewood. He’s a burly, beastly sort of man who is a straight shooter, except when he’s been drinking for 24+ hours straight. Try to catch him on a Wednesday afternoon as you’ll have the most success finding a sober Johnny. Again, thank you for all of your support, and we look forward to ball gagging you. 🙂