03/23/11 – "Michael" + Sectional WOD @ 6pm Tonight

Tonight @ 6pm we are hosting the Week #1 CrossFit Games Open Sectional WOD.  We need some judges and a whole lot of cheering.  Anyone interested in helping out, please email me.  Thanks!

Today’s Recipe – Corned Beef Hash And Eggs – Life As A Plate

Today’s Links –

Proper elbow height on a front squat
Great Rack!....Front squat that is. Nicole demonstrates proper elbow height when doing a front squat.
One modification for an HSPU
Melissa shoes one modification for an HSPU

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – “Michael” – 3 Rounds For Time
    • Run 800m (Row 800m if raining)
    • 50 Back Extensions
    • 50 Sit Ups (Abmat or GHD for advanced)
  • Finisher – 1 Set Max Rep Pull Ups
  • Stretch

10 thoughts on “03/23/11 – "Michael" + Sectional WOD @ 6pm Tonight”

  1. I can probably provide some judging @ 6pm. Can I substitute the sectional WOD at 5:15 so I can be available to judge competitors at 6? Plus, my wuss back cannot sustain 150 back extensions.

    Beware, Bruce is a strict on standards.

  2. Good luck tonight everyone. All of you will do great!

    Unfortunately late night at work and won’t be able to come cheer.

  3. If I can get there on time, I can judge. But only if Lara is adjusting everyones bar between rounds again.

  4. the REAL Henry

    “Fluffer”–another word not on tha main site. I must research further. And is this Lara girl hot?