03/24/11 – Custom Thursday

Today’s Recipe – Pulled Pork Barbecue – Primal Palate

Today’s Links –

Steve and Mike climbing that mountain
Steve and Mike climbing that mountain
Sharon ready for take off
Sharon ready for take off

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Come in and lift, complete an endurance WOD or make up a workout you missed.  We can also make up a workout for you.
  • Stretch a lot.  Spend time on your wicked tight hips and shoulders kid!

7 thoughts on “03/24/11 – Custom Thursday”

  1. Great time last night! I am blown away by the support at crossfit 908. Tim and Rick you guys are unreal!

    1. Thanks, Ron! You are a great member and well on your way to being a beast. Keep working on your weaknesses and I see you going far.

  2. This is for the REAL PAT EARLEY, Patticakes, I want to come to the 9:30 tomorrow but, it is my daughter’s birthday and I”m taking her to school with cupcakes and a story. If I get there at 9:35, would it be a huge problem? I’ll read the story fast, take some pictures and…bring you a cupcake.

    1. the Real Pat Earley

      Take your time my darling Melissa. whenever you show up is fine as long as its not 10:30 haha

  3. Hey, is anyone else having trouble getting on the games site to submit times? Seems the site has been down since yesterday…

    Also it was so awesome to see all the support last night, thanks to everyone for judging and cheering on… love being part of the 908 family.

  4. Aww Pattycakes 🙂 Love that nickname!

    Awesome job yesterday to all of you sectional peeps! So much fun to watch you guys! You’re all “beasts” in my eyes 🙂