03/23/18: Friday Night Lights @ 8pm Tonight

Reminder – Friday’s evening classes are cancelled, and we are hosting Friday Night Lights in its place.  We will be performing the open workout 18.5. Athlete briefing will take place at 5:15PM, and the first heat will go off shortly after.  Friday’s morning classes will be some variation of the workout.  Saturday is back to business as usual.  Exciting things about tonight’s Friday Night Lights.

  • Our very own Alan Kielian will be offering some 15-15 min stretch sessions before and after the workout.  Here is a little write up from Alan –
    Hey 908ers!  My name is Alan Kielian and I am a proud member of this amazing CrossFit 908 community. During this CrossFit Open (my first!), we’ve pushed our bodies over the last month to achieve our best results. With that said, I’d like to offer my services during 18.5 to help you recover, feel better, and perform better. I’ll be there with my table during Friday Night Lights on March 23rd and will primarily use a Fascial Stretch Therapy technique, which is perfect for the demands we put on our bodies during this competition. Can’t wait to help everyone out and celebrate! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Text/call my cell at 908-906-1235 or email me at [email protected]. You can also go to RebalancingYourBody.com to see what the stretching technique is like. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!!
  • Casey Grissman – Massage Therapist – Casey practices massage out of our complex where Alan also sees clients.  She is a fantastic masseuse who focuses on deep tissue massage.  Casey will be bringing her table and will be offering 10-15 massages pre and post workout.
  • The Juice House – They just opened their second location in New Providence, and they will be providing us with some samples for everyone to try.
  • La Rosa Chicken and Grill – They are planning to open in the next few weeks in Berkeley Heights.  They will be providing us with some chicken, sweet potatoes, and greens to help you recover from 18.5.

Today’s Workout: AM Classes

  • Skill – Kipping Pull Up – 15 minutes on progression to improve your kip.  If proficient, work on kipping chest to bar and butterfly chest to bar pull ups.  If you are unable to perform a strict pull up, perform 5×5 strict banded pull up in conjunction with kipping practice.
  • Conditioning – “18.5” – AMRAP7
    • 3-3/6-6/9-9/12-12/15-15/18-18/21-21/24-24 reps of
      • Thrusters (Sx = 65#/45# – Rx = 100#/65#)
      • Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Sx = Jumping Pull Ups)
  • Accessory – 4 x :30 Hollow + :30 Arch – 1 min rest

18.5 – Friday Night Lights

  • 18.5 – AMRAP7
    • 3-3/6-6/9-9/12-12/15-15/18-18/21-21/24-24 reps of
      • Thrusters (Sx = 65#/45# – Rx = 100#/65# – Masters 55+ = 65#/45# – Masters 55+ Scaled = 45#/35#)
      • Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Sx = Jumping Chin Over Bar Pull Ups – Masters 55+ = Chin over bar pull ups – Masters Scaled – Jumping Chin Over Bar Pull Ups

Initial Thoughts – I’ve done this workout twice, once in 2011 and once in 2012, so you can say it has been a while.  Even though it has been a while we are well accustomed to short, fast workouts.  Your goal is to be moving for as much of the 7 minutes as possible.  Scaling for most of us is a great option for a really challenging workout.  I know some people may be looking for their first chest to bar pull up, and we’re not here to stop you.  Feel free to go for it.  The workout is short and not too heavy, so we are not concerned about volume here.  For those of you proficient in both thrusters and chest to bar pull ups, this is going to get hard in a hurry.  Your grip is going to go fairly quick, so start to break your chest to bar up on the round of 9.  Stay on the barbell as long as you can.  Every time you drop the thruster, you’ll likely wait a good 20-30 seconds before you pick it up.  There goes 5% of your workout time right there.  The workout is a bit too short to strategize too much.  You have to give it hell.  Every rep means so much in a 7 min workout.  Everyone in the world was somewhere between 0 and 900+ reps two weeks ago.  Here, everyone will be between 0 and 180 reps.  Go for it, get your mind ready to push hard.  Get a good warm up, get sweating and breathing hard before you go out for this one.  Make yourself proud with the effort you put in, not the outcome.  See everyone tomorrow night!

Lunge Bros!