03/24/12 – Last day for the Open! Yay!

Congratulations To All – Today marks the last day that we will hold a CrossFit Open WOD for 2012. Tomorrow, the leader board will close @ 8pm, and the top 60 men, top 60 women, and top 30 teams will move on to regionals.  I hate to get sappy, but the experience of hosting the open this year was unbelievable. From the athletes who pushed their bodies to new limits to the judges who hung around for hours and did their best to make sure CF 908 upholds proper standards, the effort was amazing.  I applaud all of the members of 908 for being so incredibly supportive of one another.  Some of these workouts required people to lift weights they have never tried before!  There were many PRs set throughout the past five weeks.  While I’d be a completely ignorant coach to just mention the good stuff, there were a few injuries, but I am happy that everyone gave their best effort.  We, the coaches of 908, will never encourage you to do something unsafe. We realized that many of you wanted to give these workouts a shot without scaling, and that is fine for a competition once a year.   Now, back to training smart, and making small gains to lead to a better Open next year!  For those of you that have some tweaks, make sure you rest up, ice, and modify where needed.  For everyone that tried these workouts, thank you for your hard work.  Who knows, maybe you’ll see some of these workouts repeat over the next several months!


Eddie jumps, while DMac looks unsure...
Laurie....where did everyone go?

Schedule – 9am (10am = 12.5 CF Open WOD)

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Teams of 3 –
    • 300m Sprint (Tag your partner.  After all 3 people have gone move on)
    • 180 Wall Balls rotating every 15, then
    • 300m Sled Push rotating every 20m, then
    • 90 Burpees, rotating every 10
    • 400m Team Plate Run
  • Accessory – 3 x 15 Toes To Bar Unbroken – Rest 30 sec
  • Stretch

2 thoughts on “03/24/12 – Last day for the Open! Yay!”

  1. That picture is like where’s Waldo!!
    Good luck games competitors!! If I didn’t have to drive my kids to all their various sports activities, I’d be there to cheer you on!

  2. Fantastic job to everyone who competed in the open and a great big thanks to everyone else that came to support and cheer us on! I’m really glad to have to experienced the open as a member of an awesome affiliate this year. looking forward to improving and hitting hard next year.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Tim for making it to regionals again this year!! Let’s rally behind him and help him make it to the games!!!!