04/01/10 – Strength & Sprints Day 32 Test Day

Tonight’s Schedule is 5:15/6:00/6:45pm.  There is no weightlifting class.  All classes are CrossFit WOD’s.

Friday Schedule Changes – Right now these are the only changes.  There is a vote for a 3:30 class, so if that works for anyone else please post to the comments.


Tough Mudder Team – If you are interested in a CrossFit 908 T-Shirt for the Tough Mudder race please post your size to the comments section.  The t-shirts will cost between $15-20 per shirt.

Nutrition Challenge – Starting on Monday, April 5th we will be hosting our second nutrition challenge.  If you are interested in signing up, please see me at the gym.  The benchmark workout will be held on MONDAY, so if you plan on competing make sure you make it to the workout.  There will be two winners.  One winner will be decided by largest % of body weight lost.  The other winner will be decided by biggest % decrease in time for the benchmark workout.  Both winners will get a free unlimited month. There is no cost to enter.

Fundamentals – It looks like we have enough demand to start up the next Fundamentals on Monday, April 5th @ 6pm.  The class will meet Mon/Wed/Thurs @ 6pm for three weeks.  You can sign up HERE or email me @ [email protected] for more information.

Saturday’s Schedule – 9:30am Fundamentals / 10:30am CrossFit WOD.  Saturday is the six month birthday for baby CF 908. Chances are there will be some adult beverages after the workout to help celebrate the success of the gym thus far.

Today’s Links –

Sara and D Russ square off on the wall balls
Sara and D Russ square off on the wall balls
Name that butt
Name that butt
PJ sticks the landing
PJ sticks the landing

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • Back Squat – Work up to a 3 rep max. Make sure you are warmed up before going heavy.  Compare to 02/23.
  • Sprints – Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, sprint 100 yards and complete 5 Push ups.  Your rest is the time after your 5th push up and the next minute.
  • 3 x 15 unbroken knees to elbows or toes to bar
  • Stretch

6 thoughts on “04/01/10 – Strength & Sprints Day 32 Test Day”

  1. Is the 3:30 class happening today, Friday?? I’m feeling a Good Friday Smack Down….