04/06/10 – Double Unders & Cleans

GOALS – We had many members achieve their goals over the past three months. Here is a list of the achievements. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work. If I have missed anyone, please send me an email.

  • Pat – Set out initially to do 50 pull ups and finished with 65 pull ups in a row! Pat also squatted 275lbs for 2 reps.
  • Firas – Set out to complete 15 Pull ups and 25 Chest to deck push ups and completed 16 and 25 respectively.
  • Sara – Set out to complete 2 unassisted pull ups in a row and worked her way all the way up to 16 at the end of March.
  • Giuliana – Her goal was to get consecutive doubles unders and she is now completing 10+ easily.
  • Vincent – He wanted to work on his kipping. At the end of the month he completed 24 pull ups in a row.
  • Brian – He beat two goals of 20 pull ups and 20 double unders.
  • Steve – He wanted to string together consecutive muscle ups and got up to 5 in a row.
  • PJ – He beat his goal of 20 pull ups by completing 25 in a row.
  • Doug – He wanted 3-5 unassisted pull ups, but got 8 on his first attempt after using the bands all month!
  • Karen – Improved her single unders to a point where she can now do a double under.  Karen also got 2 unassisted pull ups in a row!
  • Colleen – Worked her way to getting one unassisted pull up.  Many more to come.
  • Jen – She got back to being able to do a muscle up.

Time to start thinking of your next goal.  We are setting one and two-month goals.  Please make sure you write it on the white board.

Today’s Links –

Check out the video below for a good demonstration of the clean.

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • Practice the clean – Warm up to your workout weight
  • WOD – Complete the following for time
    • 50 Double Unders
    • 2 Cleans (Squat) (135/95)
    • 40 Double Unders
    • 4 Cleans
    • 30 Double Unders
    • 6 Cleans
    • 20 Double Unders
    • 8 Cleans
    • 10 Double Unders
    • 10 Cleans
  • 3 x 20 GHD Sit ups
  • Stretch

12 thoughts on “04/06/10 – Double Unders & Cleans”

  1. I’m so proud of all of these goals being reached! Good job guys! You’re awesome 🙂

  2. meredith: before you make them using that recipe, some words of caution…

    make sure you melt down the coconut oil so that its in liquid form before you combine it with the other ingredients

    use more dates than the recipe calls for… they provide flavor and also work as a cohesive agent holding all of the other ingredients together

    a little bit of coffee grinds goes a long way… too much, and the coffee taste overpowers everything else.

  3. Tough Mudder peeps:

    I am looking into bus transportation our to Bear Creek. I’ve talked to two companies so far and to have a solid idea of how many people will be traveling on the bus. I’ve heard upwards of 40 with friends of folks at the gym joining us. Can you please let me know asap if you’re interested in the bus, and also confirm how many friends may be coming as well if that is the case. We don’t want to book a large bus and have too many people bail.

    TC: maybe you can put something up on the whiteboard for everyone to indicate if they want to take a bus this week.

    To give you an idea of cost:
    – US Coachways, Inc – $1350** (7am pick-up; 5pm departure) – 49 passenger charter bus
    – US Coachways, Inc – $2500** (7am pick-up-5pm departure) – 40 passenger party bus

    **15% service charge (service charge includes gratuity, fuel, tax and tolls) already included

    – The Party Ride – “about $2000” (7am pick-up; 5pm departure) – 40 passenger party bus (these guys were clearly not as detailed in providing quotes)

    So, seeing that a party bus will be more expensive than a standard charter bus, put in your vote if you have a preference.

  4. i opt for the party bus idea… at $2000, divided among 40 heads, that’s only $50 per person plus whatever the booze and food costs. i can probably get between 5-10 people, including myself. i’ll send a message out and try to get some definitive feedback by Friday.

  5. I will put it up on the whiteboard and make a post about it tomorrow. I will let everyone know that the estimated cost is around $50 per person plus food/booze. Thank you Dave.

  6. Not sure other’s #s looked like, but getting these done on my own down here in SC. 16:55

    1. Chris, that time is good. Did you do it with 135lbs? The times ranged from mid 7’s to about 22. Most people used 95-115.

      1. Thanks Tim! I forgot to post the weight. I didnt do the 135. I went w/ 105 instead. Felt good in the beginning but it took a while once I got up to 10.