04/14/12 – Sweaty Saturday

What I have been eating on the 21-day sugar detox – Life As A Plate

Nutrition Challengers – I know we have some people making great gains (losses) and are pretty excited about the way they feel on a Paleo/Primal diet.  Does anyone who initially didn’t want to post point everyday feel like they are less accountable now?  That was my initial concern with the challenge.  I know there is at least one person that has not had a single cheat.  Stay strong, and look forward to those after pictures!  I promise they will be worth it.  Post your thoughts to comments.

LIke I said, it is a very common mistake in the deadlift. Having the neck hyper extended limits your ability to produce force safely.
Sharon rocking out the 24" box jumps!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Teams of 4 – 10 rds EACH for time
    • Pace Setter – 20m Sled Push (+45/+10)
    • Max Ring Rows
    • Max KB Swings
    • Rest Station
  • Finisher – Max Burpees – 1 minute
  • Stretch

10 thoughts on “04/14/12 – Sweaty Saturday”

  1. I suck at this challenge. My food is pretty good. My vodka however is even better, which I guess is a problem. And I was hurt this week so exercise sucked. BUT my pants are feeling bigger so something must be going right. Hope everyone is doing well. Way less accountable this time around as the last time I didn’t cheat once. All good though as I’m trying to live my life. Can anyone tell I’ve had vodka tonight. I just keep talking/writing. I will stop now. Miss you guys. Hope I’m better next week.

  2. I suck at this challenge, too. I think the fact that cheating once equals a loss of a point for the whole day is hard. Like, I’ll have a piece of dried mango at 10 in the morning and then get the attitude of, “well, I already screwed up, I might as well have this box of doughnuts.” However, the mere thought of having Tim take my after picture and saying, “What the hell happened?” is helping me TRY to stay on track.

  3. I, personally, feel less accountable now that we don’t have to check in everyday. I think that really help keep me on track- not that I’m cheating but keeping my calories in line has been an issue.

  4. I definitely feel less accountable this time around as it was easier to see and be motivated by everyone posting their scores. Also, it is easy to forget to always write down what your point value is for the day.

    TKal and Meaux – you guys are madd funny….Tara you went 6 weeks without vodka, so you are just making up for the lost time!

  5. To be honest I know Jake and I typed up and submitted what we thought was a great idea for another 8 weeks… This challenge hadn’t been going so well. While I know personally I have lost a very little… Once you cheat the day for the most part gets lost. Cheating as been easier and I know I’m disappointed but at the same time I have my goals set.

    So what can we do to turn this around? Start posting points?

    On another note.. To the person who hasn’t cheated… HELL YEAH!

    1. Carly, you guys did a great job working on this challenge and we’re all grateful. Listen, we’re all doing better than we would on our own I think!!! It’s all about seeing what works better for everyone and the only way to do that is via trial and error. And I second that hell yeah on the no cheat person:) That’s tough stuff!!!!

      1. I do have to say I like they way Tim structured the challenge but I just don’t know why after doing so good ad wanting to keep going that it’s harder to stick to lol. Damn the nice weather and cold cocktails!

  6. I don’t know how the last challenge went so I wasn’t aware about a score updates but I think what is helpful is being able to identify your weak spots.

    For me, getting in a workout has the most difficult part because if i don’t kill the 6am workout, the pressures and distractions of the day, meetings etc. rob me of remaining time slots fast. And, if i get the 6am class it often kills my 7 hours of sleep point which is a bummer.

    I wasn’t sure if instructions said (somewhere) that a CF908 workout and/or home workout of similar difficulty was acceptable. I’ll need to know to keep my stats accurate, i’m only going 2x per week BUT, starting off the challenge (prior to spring break) i was following the workouts at home or modifying past workouts w/what equip i have and i was working out well over my typical 2x per week.

    Spring break w/kids and it was go go go dawn to dusck for a week plus FL. Amazingly, i packed the backpack full of acceptable paleo snacks for me and family (typically my wife’s role) went shopping 2x to pick out acceptable in room meals (we had a kitchen but also usually my wife’s role) and cooked several meals & snacks for the week (also usually my wife’s role). Same has been at home as i’m shopping & cooking a lot more. In summary, my wife is digging the plan. By extension though, she’s picking up on my buying habits and meal prep.

    My first day back in the gym today after two week hiatus, great workout and energized.

    I don’t have a sweet tooth, my fail is probably like others, at points on vaca had a few drinks, school fundraiser = a few drinks, neighborhood bbq = a few drinks. Not sure if it made any difference but i’ve switched to vodka/soda w/lime (as in seltzer) even though it probably nets out the same. I didn’t let cheats string together though and they were still pretty minor infractions, but still marked a zero though. Need to get on the ball now big time.

    1. I deff. Feel the nice weather got me.. It’s so much easier to have more drinks.. I think that’s what usually kills me lol