04/19/12 – Happy Birthday Mom!

This week my Dad turned 65, and my mom turned 64. Just wanted to give them a shout out, and tell them how much I love each of them. They are truly wonderful people!

Anne Britt of Surya Yoga in Summit is offering a free Yoga class to CrossFit 908ers (sorry, no non-members for this first class). The class will be held on Sunday, 04/29 @ 5:45pm at Surya. There is only room for 20 people (908 trainers you are already in). You will be accepted in the order that you respond on the comments section. No text msgs, calls or emails. You have to post to comments. Have at it!

Sunday, April 29 – Summit Street Fair – CrossFit 908 will have a booth at the street fair. We encourage all members to come to the fair, and show some support by hanging at the booth for a little while. Don’t forget to wear a 908 shirt!

Interview With OPT – Conditioning Research (OPT is one of CrossFit’s most noteworthy coaches and athletes)



Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Practice your weaknesses! Do one thing you hate!
  • Stretch

31 thoughts on “04/19/12 – Happy Birthday Mom!”

  1. Oh- I’m free on the 29th! I’d love to do the yoga session!

    Also- eggs are in the office fridge! Get them while they last!

  2. When you say ‘hanging at the booth’ – are you going to make me hang on a pull up bar pretending like I can actually do a pull up unassisted? if you mean ‘hang’ and have a glass of clear liquid in my hand, I’m in.

  3. What a nice post, brudder, about the mudder and the fadder :). heehee!! Happy Birthdays to my mom and dad!!! I love them with all my heart and soul, and they are so very proud of you, Tim!!! XOXO
    P.S. Wish I could join the festivities on 4/29, but this girl has to work 🙁 boo! I’ll be supporting you in spirit!!

  4. 13 people so far for yoga, is that correct? 7 more slots!


  5. Is anyone going to the 6:45 today that plans on doing yesterdays workout? ? Don’t really feel like doing this one solo!

  6. UGHHH!! My advisor just scheduled a mandatory meeting on Sunday evening at 5PM..can’t make Yoga anymore…THAT SHIT CRAY! i hate school, just wanna live at 908 the rest of my life.