05/01/11 – Sunday Update

The CrossFit Games Open Sectional has finally come to an end. Results will be finalized by tonight around 8pm. I think this event was amazing. The amount of support members gave each other, whether it was judging or cheering, was incredible. The workouts were tough, exposed weaknesses and humbled each athlete who tried them. A lot of times competition can spark drama in a group, but I saw our community build throughout this process. Next year we’ll have some more athletes trying their hand at the sectionals. Remember, you don’t have to compete to feel a part of the 908 family, but you do have to show up regularly and give your best effort. Nobody cares if you finish first, but they do care if you cheat or give a half-ass effort. Congratulations to all of the competitors on their performances. Time to start preparing for 2012! See everyone in a week.

This week at the 908…

Fundamentals – We will be starting a new Fundamentals group on Tuesday, 05/03 @ 6:45pm. The class will run for 4 weeks meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights. If you know anyone who is interested, please have them contact T[email protected]. You can purchase a Fundamentals membership HERE.

  • Monday, 05/02/11 – Back Squat + Couplet
  • Tuesday, 05/03/11 – Couplet
  • Wednesday, 05/04/11 – Hero WOD “DT”
  • Thursday – Athlete’s Choice
  • Friday – Couplet
  • Saturday – Triplet