04/30/11 – Saturday Team WOD

The Warrior Challenge – Erin and I just signed up! -Hosted by Jersey Shore CrossFit – A number of our members did this challenge last year and had a blast. Let’s get a big group for this year. I know some people have already signed up. Please write your name down if you are signing up.

Saturday, 05/21 – CrossFit 908 meets Crossfit OTG for a workout in Williamstown, NJ. We’ll workout in the morning, then make our way to AC to party the day/night/early morning away. We booked two rooms at the Trump Plaza for May 21. If you are interested, sign your name up on the whiteboard.

Fundamentals – We will be starting a new Fundamentals group on Tuesday, 05/03 @ 6:45pm. The class will run for 4 weeks meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights. If you know anyone who is interested, please have them contact [email protected]

PJ’s Movie Corner – My boy is Wicked Smart!

Today’s Recipe  – Homemade Corned Beef – Robb Wolf

Today’s Links –

Jason pressing out a hand stand push up! Go Jason, Go!
Ann and Vincent showing hard work, and Vincent, in particular, showing a lot of guy thigh.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Teams of 2 – For Time
    • Timer – Run 300m
    • Worker – Max Burpees or Wall Balls.  Choose one exercise each round and complete as many reps as possible until your teammate returns from the run.  For example – Teammate #1 runs 300m while teammate #2 either completes max burpees or wall balls in the time it takes teammate #1 to run 300m.  When teammate #1 returns from the run, #1 will choose to pick up where teammate #2 finished or choose the other exercise.  Don’t stop until you have completed a tota 120 Wall Balls and 120 Burpees between the two teammates.  Is the object to run fast, or do as much work while your teammate runs.  Nobody is given room to slack off here.  Work hard and go for gold! Remember to keep track!
    • Finisher – 300m Run Time Trial
    • Stretch

2 thoughts on “04/30/11 – Saturday Team WOD”

  1. thanks for the generous use of the word ‘thigh’ when describing the pencils that extend from my hips.

  2. There is a groupon out there for a stay in Atlantic City at the Trump Plaza, $149 a night, not sure if it works for the dates you guys are going.