05/19/10 – Row Thruster Swing

CrossFit 908 Slogans – We are in the process of making some new CrossFit 908 T-Shirts.  I wanted to know if anyone had a good idea for a slogan.  Post your thoughts to the comments section.  We probably won’t take anything as inappropriate as the Tough Mudder shirts, but don’t be shy with ideas.  If we use your idea you will get a free shirt.

CrossFit 908 Apparel – We will be ordering some new apparel and wanted to see what people were interested in.  Some of the options are

  • American Apparel Tri-Blend T-Shirts (same as the original grey CF 908 logo and the new Tough Mudder shirt)
  • Ladies – Tank Tops and V-Necks (both will be American Apparel)
  • Sweatshirts – I know it’s summer time, but you can always use a hoodie.  Maybe a lightweight zip-up?
  • Shorts / Pants – Anyone interested in bottoms?
  • Accessories – Would anyone want a 908 Towel or Water Bottle?

Memorial Day Weekend – I can’t believe it is already here, but Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and I know some people’s schedules will be different.  The days that will be affected are Friday, May 28 through Sunday, May 31.  So here are some questions.  Post your availabilities to the comments section.

  • Does anyone want an earlier class on the Friday before Memorial day?  (i.e. 12pm/2pm/3pm?)
  • How many people will be around for the Saturday morning WOD?
  • Given that most people will be partying on Memorial day, what classes make sense?   Should we do some morning classes and that’s it?  (i.e. 9am/10am/11am)?


Today’s Links  –

Karen and Claudia doing ring dips
Karen and Claudia doing ring dips
A big Thank You to Pat for making 908 some new boxes!
A big Thank You to Pat for making 908 some new boxes!

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • Burgener Warm up
  • Schedule – Complete 30-20-10 of each of the following for time
    • Row (Calories)
    • Thrusters (95/65)
    • Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
  • 3 x 20 GHD Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

30 thoughts on “05/19/10 – Row Thruster Swing”

  1. Yes to the apparel, not so sure about the accesories

    Memorial weekend, 11-12pm sounds great!

  2. out of curiosity what did the tough mudder shirts say? I will assume this would be inappropriate but i think the shirt should say, “cleaning up jerks and snatches since 2009”

  3. Crossfit908: Lean…Fast…Strong…Fit!!!

    Apparel: I’m in for a t-shirt, and maybe a sweatshirt if the price is right.
    How about a Crossfit908 Snuggie?

    Memorial Day Weekend: As long as the weather is nice I won’t be around.

  4. Will be around all weekend so flexible on classes.

    Would def be interested in a t-shirt…maybe a hoodie.

    908 bbq on sunday? Could bring a grill and do a potluck?

    Stealing an idea but think its hilarious: ‘talk to your doctor and see if getting off your ass (butt?) Is right for you.’

  5. I love all of the suggestions! Keep them coming. Two Slogans I have written on the whiteboard are.

    “Don’t Fake The Fit” A play on Don’t Fake The Funk for anyone who gets it.

    “Where Jerks Meet Snatches”

    Funny quote but not going to make it “If CrossFit were easy, it would be your mother”

  6. These are awesome…i’m legit laughing at my comp and my mom thinks i’m weird

    I’d def get some t’s, tanks and a hoodie – you know i’d get a towel too, but I’m the only one that seems to be into them 🙂

  7. I’m a big fan of “Where Jerks Meet Snatches”

    slogan: “Everytime a class ends, a sweat angel gets his wings”

    apparel: I’d like tanks and v-necks; water bottles might be confusing at class unless you get can different colors.

    Memorial Day: A class anytime would be great, but Tim you deserve a rest too, so my vote is no class.

    1. Nice one Laurie! What if we took your idea and made it rhyme like,

      “Everytime a Kettlebell Swings, a sweat angel gets its wings”

      Just a thought.
      Thanks for the Memorial Day thoughts, but I think it’s only right I make it one of the hardest workouts ever for all of the nice people who want a class. 🙂

  8. I’m down with the t-shirts. Are you getting hoodies as well? Hoodies or a zipper-down fleece would be awesome.

    Yea I won’t be around on saturday for the WOD but a noon class or earlier on Friday would be great.

    “Crossfit 908: Our boxes are bigger than yours”

  9. Tim: Do with it whatever you want, you’re obviously more creative than I am. Plus the “bell” works well with the original saying.

    Some people might think sweat angels are gross, but I think they’re funny.

    If you have a class, Leaor and I will be there.

  10. Crossfit908: Its a gym in the phone area code 908 which is in New Jersey and a Crossfit Gym

  11. T-shirt – Yes
    Sweatshirt – Maybe
    Short/Pants – No (picturing Rex Kwon Do)
    Accessories – Probably no

    I don’t have any great ideas for slogan, but my favorite so far is:
    “talk to your doctor and see if getting off your ass (butt?) Is right for you.”

    And of course Dave’s:
    “Crossfit908: Its a gym in the phone area code 908 which is in New Jersey and a Crossfit Gym”

  12. yes to tank tops for the ladies – a lightweight zip-up would be cool too!

    trying to think of a slogan – no creative juices flowing today…….

  13. customsnuggie.com !!! Vincent can get his wish! Great photo op doing WOD with the new 908 snuggies!

    “Crossfit 908: It’s Probably Better if You Don’t Ask”

  14. hmm, guess no direct image links. Dunno how to edit that post either 🙂 One more try….

        1. haha, thanks 🙂 Yea, I threw it together real quick when I got home. And yes, those side effects are spot on after todays wod, lol.

  15. I’m not around Memorial Day weekend.

    T-shirts, yes.
    I’m a fan of “Where Jerks Meet Snatches.” That’s tough to beat.

  16. Just so you guys know, I uploaded more Tough Mudder pics onto the CrossFit 908 picasa photo site. They’re the pictures taken during the run.

  17. I’d be in for a noon WOD on the Friday before Memorial Day. In for Saturday morning too.

  18. I’m in for T-shirt and Hoodie/Zip Up.
    “Where Jerks Meet Snatches” is legit, very tough to beat.