05/19/11 – Work on a Goal Day! LIVINGSOCIAL UPDATE

Welcome LivingSocial!  To learn how to get started at CrossFit 908 take a look around the site or give Tim Carroll a call @ 908-347-6812.  Living Social FAQ’s

We had a lot of success with the LivingSocial deal yesterday!  Over 70 new potential CrossFit 908 members purchased an unlimited month of classes!  We are very excited to have an influx of new members, but we want to make sure everybody who purchased the deal gets the full benefit of the unlimited month.  That means that we want to create a CrossFit Fundamentals crash course for all of the LivingSocial folks.  It will be free of charge. This is going to be tough given differing schedules, however I don’t think you’ll feel like you got the most out of your month at CrossFit 908 unless you feel safe and knowledgeable about the exercises we perform during workouts.  The two best things you can do if you purchased the deal are…

  1. Email [email protected] with your contact, available hours during the week to meet for a group fundamentals class, and when you want to start your classes.
  2. Drop in to Monday night’s (05/23) FREE intro class @ 7:30pm.  We already have a number of new potential members coming.  From there we can discuss times and the best way to get started with your unlimited month.

Saturday – 05/21/11 – CrossFit 908 is closed for our big trip to AC!  Get involved!

Today’s Recipe – Banana Walnut Muffins – Elana’s Pantry

Today’s Links –


CrossFit 908's Free Intro Class on 05/16
Chas & Mike M. doing some father/son pull ups!
D Mack with some nice hip extension during his hang power clean

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Work on a Goal OR Lift Heavy OR CF Endurance OR Make Up a Workout
  • Shoulders Tight? Stretch them.  Lower back tight?  Loosen up your hips.

6 thoughts on “05/19/11 – Work on a Goal Day! LIVINGSOCIAL UPDATE”

  1. Welcome LivingSocial! I think you’ll be happy you signed up to try CF908 out 🙂 It’s the best!

    Pat- I like the last word in that article…if I cursed more, I’d probably use it 🙂 What opinions are you looking for though? Do you disagree with the idea that crossfitters like to be versatile?

    Have fun in AC guys! We’ll try to meet you for dinner on Sat night, but if not take a shot for me! I wanna see pics next week 🙂

  2. Good article and I think pretty fair, the one thing I thought he left out was the competitive nature of Crossfit vs. just picking things up and putting them down and the also the friendships that come from shared suffering. To be honest I wouldn’t know this Glassman guy if I hit him with my car and could care less who or what he is or isn’t and the article seemed to really focus on him. Mark me down as a Kool-Aid drinker though.

    PS I want Nick to come back

    1. the Real Pat Earley

      yeah man. some kid sent me that link and was like oh cf is stupid look…..the article doesnt say cf is stupid but it does miss some key points you are right. Def breads a competitive attitude. I also feel that it should really emphasize that because cf is an affiliation and not a franchise that the gyms are all completely different. the same kid that linked me told me that cf gyms dont lift heavy weights and only do stupid dangerous workouts. ummm hello? CF908? we lift heavy weights allll the time and dont do stupid or dangerous workouts!