05/20/11 – 30 min AMRAP….YAY!

Tomorrow, 05/21, we are CLOSED! CrossFit 908 is going to AC for a little fun in the sun.  We’ll be stopping at CrossFit OTG (in Williamstown, NJ) in the morning for a group workout.  There is still room if anyone is interested in coming!

New Fundamentals – We are starting a new Fundamentals class on Tuesday, 05/31 @ 6:45pm.  The class is limited to 10 people, so sign up by emailing [email protected].

CrossFit Regional Competition – Friday June, 17 – Sunday, June 19 in Canton, Mass at the CrossFit Reebok Headquarters.  I will be competing in a regional CrossFit competition.  We have a small group interested in going, watching me compete, and maybe partying their faces off in Boston.  If you are interested send me an email.

Don’t forget to sign up for the The Warrior Challenge – Erin and I are signed up! Hosted by Jersey Shore CrossFit. A number of our members did this challenge last year and had a blast. Let’s get a big group for this year. I know some people have already signed up. Please write your name down if you are signing up.

Today’s Recipe –

Today’s Links –

JR smoking some muscle ups!
Katie's clean is improving so much! Go Dots!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – 30 MIN AMRAP
    • 300m Run
    • Max Toes To Bar
    • 300m Run
    • Max Hand Release Push Ups
    • 300m Run
    • 50 Double Unders
  • Stretch

43 thoughts on “05/20/11 – 30 min AMRAP….YAY!”

  1. Yea Katie!! You go girrrrrrl!!! 🙂 Looking forward to hitting more nooners with you once the little kiddies are out of school

  2. Hey JR. Nice photo. Is that the workout you finished twenty fives minutes after Tim, Pat, and Ron?

  3. The same one you were screaming expletives on multiple failed attempts and children next door were leaving crying?

  4. What?!? Come on bro it’s a compliment…pulling 215 onto those rings is a feat in itself. It’s like 1 1/2 Pats.

  5. Game on. Are you aware your future ex-wife, whose name we can no longer talk about, is leaving for over a month? Who are you going to creep on in her absence?

  6. You attacked my vanity. Bring up my familial and financial disaster and you’ll complete the trifecta.

  7. Hey Ridgewood, the studio called. They need you as an extra for “Planet of the Apes II”.

  8. The REAL Henry

    Nick and I are working on our kipping but our return will be triumphant!!!! In my case, when I actually come to the gym that is…

  9. I can’t wait until Tim and Erin have another house party. I cannot wait to see their most recent vacation exploits in HD on the 42″ plasma.

  10. So glad Henry and I made the switch to P90X. The results are amazing. My goal is to have better abs than Erin when I’m DTS on MDW @ Squan.