05/21/12 – Goodbye MindBody, Hello ZenPlanner

To all CrossFit 908 Members:

Today we are replacing MindBody Online with Zenplanner.  It will be the new software for you to purchase memberships and register for classes. By the morning you should have received an email with your username and password (If you had a MindBody username/password before, it may be the same).  Please email me if you have not.   Here is what you have to do.

1.) Go HERE – Save this link in your browser (Easy to remember for the future: http://crossfit908.zenplanner.com).  You can also just go to the “Schedule” tab on CF908’s homepage where you will see the class calendar which you can sign into.

2.) Check that all of your profile information is correct.

3.) Input your correct billing information

4.) Start reserving all of your classes through ZenPlanner.  By Tuesday, we should have a dedicated computer which you will be required to sign into when you come into the gym.

5.) There is a Zenplanner app you can download for your iPhone.  Email us with any comments.


Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Clean – 5×2 with 60 seconds rest between sets (75-80% of 1RM)
  • WOD – 3 Rds For Time
    • 25 Wall Balls (20#/14# to 10 ft)
    • 20 High Box Jumps (Increase by 2-4″)
    • 15 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
  • Accessory – 2×30 Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

21 thoughts on “05/21/12 – Goodbye MindBody, Hello ZenPlanner”

  1. Anyone have any comments so far on the new software? Good/Bad/Indifferent. Somebody, say something. Please!

  2. So far so good…2 Questions

    Once we log in for the first time can we go ahead and change our password?

    Do we need to update the account with billing info or can we go in manually everytime our membership is up to pay for it then?

    1. You can change your password. There is a section to edit your PW under your preferences.

      THere was a spot to do the account info also…

  3. Yeah, I saw the account info tab. I’m just wondering if we actually Have to do that. Wasn’t sure if we can leave it blank and then just go in right when we want to renew. Not a big deal either way just curious.

    1. Ant, the renewal process becomes increasingly difficult with each new client. We’d like to keep everyone on autopay, and then if individuals need to make a change they can contact us. I hope this is okay with you sweetie.


  4. So far, so good…however, I don’t have an iPhone, so I don’t know how the app works.

  5. ZenPlanner seems good to me. I didn’t have trouble logging in or signing up for classes. Seems user friendly. I have a droid so no app, but that’s not a big deal.

  6. Works fine and really nice to have the ability to add/cancel a class via an app; however, the app could use some work…kind of light on the user experience (a big gray area with a question mark shows up in your “home” tab…’sign out’ too close to ‘my reservations’…calendar view does not show which classes signed up for…etc). You asked.

  7. My assigned password was SmallOrchid. I didn’t like that.
    Otherwise no concerns.

  8. The password Zen created for me is much cooler than my old one, but I can’t share it because it’s a secret.

  9. I’d like the app better if I could edit my profile in it. Using the browser would waste a lot of energy that I’ll need for the wod. otherwise it’s good.

  10. Can you put a picture of Pat’s facial hair on the app’s main screen? Would turn it into more of a “man” screen.

    Works great.

  11. Works great so far. The gray question mark on the app was a little strange but it was easy to sign up and cancel 🙁 a reservation. So no complaints. Love having the app option.

  12. If we could change the picture that would be cool but other than that it’s easy to use