06/02/11 – Goal Work Thursday

Happy Birthday to Ann & Jason!  I hope you two have a wonderful day!

Living Social Fundamentals Tonight @ 7:30pm

Regular CrossFit 908 Fundamentals @ 6:45pm

A Note To All CrossFit 908 Members –

  • Limiting Class Sizes – We will be limiting class sizes to 12 people per class.  In order to attend a class you must SIGN IN to each class you would like to attend.   In order to SIGN IN you must create an account HERE.  Fill out ALL of the profile information and purchase a membership if you haven’t already.  For some of you, your profile information will already be in the system as you are a member but have not actually signed in to a class yet.
    • Fundamentals – You do not need to sign in, but you will have to once you are finished with the Fundamentals program.
    • LivingSocial – Once you redeem your 1-month unlimited, you will be able to sign in to any and all classes you want to attend.

Today’s Recipe – Pork Chops Over Summer Roasted Vegetables – Paleohmygoodness

Today’s Links –

Elbows up Boys!

Matt M

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Chose a Workout
    • Work on a Goal
    • Lift Heavy
    • Sprint
    • Run/Row
    • Endurance
    • Make Up a Workout
  • Finisher – 50 Toes To Bar

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