06/03/10 – Squats & Row

GOALS – Make sure you try to reach a goal today.  If you haven’t written one down, try a PR on your biggest weakness.  Start thinking of some short-term goals.  We are going to do a series of three one-month goals.  Time to start practicing those Double Unders and Pull ups!

A big shout out to Meredith for getting her first muscle up yesterday!  Meredith has been practicing diligently and all that work paid off.  Congrats, and we look forward to seeing you do 30 for time!  Who will be the next lady or man to go for a muscle up?

Today’s Links –

Where did Vincent go?
Where did Vincent go?
Good Deadlift Setup Colleen!

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm up
  • Go for a GOAL/PR! – It can be anything
  • Front Squats – 3-3-3  All work sets should be challenging.  The goal should be to increase the weight each set with the last two sets being at or greater than 90% of your 1RM.  Go for a PR!
  • Row – 16 rounds of 10 seconds @ 110% 500m Max Effort followed by 20 seconds @ 70% 500m Max Effort.  Find your fastest 500m and calculate the paces you should try to hold.
  • Stretch

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