06/09/11 – Work on a Goal!

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Nutrition Challenge – Feedback Wanted – How do people feel about a point system?  It will have to be by honor system of course.  We’ll assign points to thing like a paleo meal = 2 points, and a non-paleo meal = -1 point. Sleeping 8+ hours = +1 point.  For every alcoholic beverage above 2 drinks it is -2 points.  We can arrange a buy in for the challenge, and then depending on how many points you earn, you can win some or all of your money back.  Any thoughts?

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Today’s Recipe – Dairy Free, Almond Joy Frappuccino – Life As a Plate

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Congratulations to Nicole and her husband Al on getting married this past weekend!
I see dead (lifting) people...

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Your Choice of:
    • Make up a workout you missed
    • Lift Something
    • CF Endurance
    • Goal Work
    • Mobility Work
  • Stretch Out / Relax

18 thoughts on “06/09/11 – Work on a Goal!”

  1. So, the points are on top of the weight loss part of the challenge? Like, do you win by losing the most body-mass or do you win by having the most points? Sounds pretty good to me…I’m the worst at these challenges though, so maybe some other people should give you feedback too 🙂

    Congrats Nicole and Al!!!

  2. I think that the point system is a great idea, especially since it becomes more of a challenge to see how disciplined you can be about paleo and not results on the scale. I think paleo is more about feeling stronger and healthier and as an added bonus you will see change in body composition and numbers on the scale (just ask Jim R). It also allows some members like me who are not trying to lose weight to be able to be a part of this challenge.

    Ok that being said, I think it may be useful for all participants and even non participants to create an online journal. Tumblr is free and works great (my buddy’s over at crossfit virtuosity are doing this)

    This way every day we can log our food journal for the day and even our workouts and thoughts ect… I would suggest logging food and the points associated with them ex:

    breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 slices bacon, 1 cup black coffee = +2
    snack: Jay Robb coconut cashew all natural gluten free protein bar ( not sure paleo)
    lunch : salad with grilled chicken oil and vinegar = +2
    snack: raw almonds +1
    post workout shake (stronger faster healthier pure whey 2 scoops) +1
    dinner: baked chicken breast, spinach +2
    Total: 8

    Workout: ‘Kelly’

    This way we can all follow each other and see what everyone is up to, and help keep each other on track. Also by publicly logging our food we become even more accountable for our choices and when I see that Tim had 10 points today maybe it will be easier for me to pass on those bagels in the office kitchen. I know we are all honest but this will aslo help to make sure what people consider paleo is legit like grilled chicken salad with croutons isn’t good or a triple cheeseburger from Wendy’s minus the bun and cheese may be ‘paleo’ but not really the best of food choices.

    There is also a cool app called PaleoGoGo where you can type in a restaurant name or type and it will give you paleo choices (for when we are out or in a pinch for food choice)

    Ok those are my thoughts for now; obviously I am bored at work…sorry for the long winded post.

  3. I like the idea of this. Since I will be officially coming back to the gym a few days into this I won’t “enter” the contest, but I’d like to take the time to get back on this paleo wagon and dial it in. My diet doesn’t leave me feeling the most awake and alert in the morning as I’ve read others’ does, which means I’m either doing something wrong or they really felt terrible if my current state is an improvement. I’ve also noted a huge decrease in appetite lately; I should probably squat more often.

  4. the Real Pat Earley

    Kevin you can’t squat either with weight or at the gym when you’re not a member. So join back up soon man haha. Points ……..I’m in

  5. I agree with Jason that some kind of point system would allow some members like me who are not trying to lose weight to be able to be a part of this challenge. I think that just giving points per day may be easier to manage however. To log and grade every meal may get too tedious. Maybe giving each day a simple +1 for none to a small cheat or -2 for a major cheat?

    Another idea I had was to judge the challenge with an anonymous vote at the end. Each participant votes for one person other than himself or herself that he/she feels worked the hardest, had the best attitude, achieved the most impressive results, and was most helpful to others throughout the competiton. I guess it would be a bit like CrossFit Survivor.

    that’s my .02

    1. I agree with assigning points per day as opposed to points per meal. There are some people here who eat WAY more than the rest of us and could win on volume alone.

  6. Well the fact that Jason put that much work into it I vote for his idea but I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks. (Ant adds a nice touch since Pat could be weeks logging what he eats in a day!)

  7. 1. Congrats to Nicole and Al! 🙂
    2. The points system is an excellent idea — and I agree with the above comments that it enables more members to participate and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Seeing daily logs of points, and for those who want to write more about their diet and workouts (using a free site like tumblr), is likely to be very motivating and can help everyone stay on track.
    3. For those who want to track weight/body composition/etc., I think that those tools should still be made available as it simply provides more data for measuring the effects of making lifestyle changes (i.e. nutrition, exercise, sleep).

    Jason – Thanks for suggestion of the mobile app and online logs

  8. For every alcoholic beverage above 2 drinks it is -2 points. BLASPHEMY. If this was golf I’d be the PGA champ.

  9. I have to agree with Henry, drinks should be off the table and in your hand isn’t that one of the main reasons to crossfit to begin with?