06/18/10 – Friday Sprints

NEW FUNDAMENTALS – We are planning on starting the new Fundamentals course next Tuesday night, June 22 @ 6pm. The class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-7pm.   If you are interested in signing up, please email me.  There will be a link on Saturday’s post to sign up for the class.  The class will run for four weeks and meet a total of eight times.

THE FREE CLASS WILL NOW BE ON MONDAY NIGHTS @ 7:30PM.  If you know someone who is planning on coming, please let them know the updated schedule.

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We all know how frustrating double unders can be.  First the ropes too long, then it’s too short, then it’s broken on the ground because everyone loves to slam the jump ropes on the ground as hard as they possibly can after each set.  They suck, until they don’t suck.  The minute you can string together 10-20-30 of them in a row, they become an exhilarating challenge.  They augment your workouts two ways.  First, you can actually perform the movement which destroys any multiple of Single Unders, and secondly your times are going to drop like crazy.  For some, 150 Double Unders may take 2-3 three minutes and for others it could be 20-30 minutes.  They are definitely a difficult movement to master, but don’t give up.  Niel and Katie, pictured below, are just two of the members @ 908 that have nearly given up during workouts because they are so frustrated with double unders, but they never did. In fact, both are doing a lot better, and that’s because they tried.  It’s so easy to avoid double unders because trainer Tim allows you to.  However, it will be more beneficial to YOUR fitness if you seriously practice them.  Pick up a rope every time you are in class and practice a few.  When you get frustrated don’t slam the rope on the ground! Remember, it’s not the ropes fault.  Good job to everyone who has a double under goal on the board.  Our goal, as a gym, should be to get everyone to 25 double unders in a row.  Also, random thought, the other great thing about learning double unders is that you now have a new exercise you can do when you are @home or traveling.

Katie doing doubles!
Katie doing doubles!
Niel floating
Niel floating

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm Up
  • Clean & Jerk – Practice your form.  5 sets x 3 reps
  • 10 x 100m sprints / Every minute on the minute
  • Stretch

3 thoughts on “06/18/10 – Friday Sprints”

  1. so Tim, with the new fundamentals class hitting at 6pm, what will the new schedule look like.

    A concerned commuter

    1. Ian, the schedule would like like …

      Tuesday Night CrossFit classes – 4:30/5:15 & 7:00pm

      Thursday Night CrossFit classes – 5:15 & 7:00pm