06/30/11 – Nutrition Challenge Day #4 – Last Day To Reach A Goal! Go For It…Connect Four!

Monday, July 4th – WE ARE CLOSED

New CrossFit 908 Fundamentals class starts on Tuesday, July 5 @ 6:45pm.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested.

Goals – Today is the last day of our two-month goal challenge.  If you have completed your goals, refresh the board and add some new ones.  If you have not, leave your goals up on the board until you complete them.  Yes, this is now an open-ended goal board.  I want to see that board painted in red marker, showing accomplishment. We, meaning you, the athlete, are about a lot of things.  One of those things is progress. Someone once said to me, “You are either getting better, or getting worse, because you sure as hell are not staying the same.”  I love the quote, because every time I look back, even if it is only a month, something has changed, whether it’s the gym or something in my personal life.  It’s time for you to keep track of your “change.”  Get better or get worse, right? Stop eating crap, start tending to your pains and problems, learn how to move properly, and start making the quality of your health your top priority.  Tim, get off your soap box.  Well, my soap box is 50″ high, so if you want me off it, you’ll have to box jump up and go fist-a-cuffs with the kid.

Love, TC.

Showers – We are looking to install two showers!  Woo Hoo!  Oh, and we’re also knocking down the wall and taking over the entire warehouse.  1,700 sq ft -> 5,000 sq ft.  Bingo!  So, if anyone knows a plumber that is desperate for work and is not going to rip my face off, please let me know.  I already have one plumber who is going to give me a quote, but I am looking for a couple of opinions.

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Today’s Recipe – Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Garlic Scapes – Primal Palate

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Jim R...I barely recognize you in this picture!
The Nutrition Challenge Benchmark WOD - Each person had a judge. I really think it worked out well! Great job everyone!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Goal Work OR if you have reached your goals, complete a workout you have done more than one month ago and compare your time.
  • Mo’ Mobility Work

44 thoughts on “06/30/11 – Nutrition Challenge Day #4 – Last Day To Reach A Goal! Go For It…Connect Four!”

  1. JIMMY"tourettes"Edge

    You Cant recognize jim because he has his shirt ON! go jimbo its your birthday…

  2. I am on my honeymoom and checking the crossfit website. ….. there is something wrong with me! Anyone have some good workouts without weights?!

      1. thanks for posting this! im going away next week and was trying to figure out what i could do for the week with no weights.

  3. Anthony Napolitano

    Nicole- I can probably think of something. But I’m going to defer to Jim R. on this one. With his posts the last few days I think he may have some good suggestions! 🙂

  4. Food – 2 primal meals = +2
    Drink – Water + 2 Cups of coffee = 0
    Supplementation – 2.5g EPA = +1
    Sleep – 4.5 hours = -5
    Total = -2

    1. Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals makes both pills and liquid. Ask the googles, and you should be able to find for relatively inexpensive.

    2. I use Vitamin World brand triple stregnth omega 3. I prefer the triple stregnth because you get 625 mg EPA per pill as opposed to other pills that only give you 300 mg… so this way I only have to take 4 a day to get my 2-2.5 g EPA (2 with breakfast, 2 with lunch)

      1. Thanks for the tips, guys! The internets has a wealth of information, but it’s helpful to get recommendations/reviews from trusted sources.

  5. Food – 3 primal meals = +3 (2 grassfed)
    Drink – Water + 1 Cup of coffee = 0
    Supplementation – 2g EPA = +1
    Sleep – 7 hours = +1
    Total = +5

  6. Meal 2
    Drink 0
    sleep 1

    Tim thanks for the reminder from whence I came. For those of you who are new or haven’t made the leap yet to Crossfit 908 that picture is probably 5 months and 35 pounds ago, follow the program ask Tim and Pat for help if you need it and go hard good things happen.

    1. Great job, Jim! That transformation is awesome and gives me hope for something similar!

    2. Ah, Jim…we go way back…to our first free intro class. You’ve made such amazing progress and are very inspirational 🙂 Way to go!

  7. primal meals= +3
    had my firs tsteak last night in 5 years, grass fed tenderloin…soooo good…300# squat here I come!
    drink=0… water, 2 cups coffee, 1 post workout shake
    supplement= +1 (2.5 grams EPA and grass fed)
    Sleep 7 hrs= 1
    total = +5

  8. Food:  3 Primal Meals = +3
    Supp:  2.4 Grams EPA = +1
    Drinks:  2 cups Coffee = 0
    Sleep:  8.5 hrs = +2
    Total:  +6

  9. Work function killed me last night….Avoided all the food but not the bottle of wine in front of me or the bar that was 10 feet away.

    Food- 3 Primal Meals- +3
    2 Cups Black Coffee, 2 Vodka/Clubs, 2 Glasses Wine- -3
    Supplements- +1
    Sleep 7 Hours- +1
    Total- +2

  10. 6/29/11
    Food – 3 primal meals = 3
    Supplements – 2 grams EPA = 1
    Sleep – 7 hours = 1
    Total = 5

  11. Meals: 2 primal meals +2, but lunch, alas, a -2 since I had thin crust sausage pizza and ice cream at the famous Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. It was so worth it, though!! Best pizza ever! So, total for meals +0, they cancel each other out.
    Sleep: (8.5 hrs.) +2
    Drinks: (lots of water, 2 cups coffee, 2 glasses vino) +0
    Supplementation: +1

    Total +3

  12. Melissa Varley

    Food=2 primal meals +2, one pizza slice sans crust/then, drank and ate said crust. 0
    Drinks=vodka/tonic 3=-3 No diet coke, however…
    Supplements =+1

  13. Random story…last weekend I was playing with my daughter (turning 2 tomorrow!!) and decided to practice kettle ball swings with her. So i swung her down through my legs and up in the air…then it went horribly wrong. Ended up swinging her so high she flipped up over my head and I had to catch her mid air. So while I certainly didn’t win any mother of the year award i WAS pretty psyched that I seem to be getting stronger. Thanks CrossFit. 🙂

  14. Great story Courtney, I’m going to try that with Christina! Oh and a Mr Softee ice cream truck almost hit me crossing the street five minutes ago in Brooklyn, I swear those trucks are stalking me since this damn nutrition challenge!

    1. So its kind of like frogger..you are the frog and you are avoiding ice cream trucks. Great episode of Seinfeld when George got caught in a similar situation.

  15. 3 primal meals = +3
    1 grass fed source = +1
    5 hours of sleep = -5
    Total = -1
    FYI the sleep points really suck for those of us that just generally suck at sleeping. 🙁

  16. Meal 3
    Sleep 1
    Supplement 1
    Drinks -3 I put a new keg of beer in my kegorator over the weekend and I was having just one beer last night until a couple of friends stopped by and the beer was just too cold to have just one.
    Total 2

  17. Food: 3 primal meals = 3
    Pastured/Grass Fed sources = 0
    Drinks = 0
    Sleep: 7 hours = 1
    Total = +4

  18. food- 3 primal meals, 3 primal snacks (grass fed and wild caught fish)- 4
    drinks- 1 coffee, 1 wine-0
    sleep- 8 hours- 2


  19. So today at lunch I found myself at the mall. Typically when this happens I go to saladworks and get salad with lots of proteins and oil & vinegar. Today for whatever reason I wanted a change so despite my better judgement I went with my buddy to the teriyaki chicken stand. I convinced myself that if I got the chicken with double meat, no rice, extra veggies I would be paleo friendly and good to go. Well I learned that there is primal and there is primal by technicality… after lunch I felt both mentally guilty and physically bloated and gross, Lesson learned. In any case I will be treating this like we treat our workouts (if you lose count the next number is 1) so when there is a question if my meal is primal it will be a -2. If I didnt give myself a negative then what would deter me from more bad choices.

  20. Primal Meals: 3+1 =4pts
    Sleep: 9 hrs = 2pts
    Tea: 0pts
    Wine: 1/2 glass = 0pts
    Gym count for this week: 3 days
    Total: 6pts