07/01/10 – The year is 50% done….Thoughts?


  • FRIDAY, JULY 2 – 6AM/4:30PM/5:15PM
  • SATURDAY, JULY 3 – 9:30AM
  • MONDAY, JULY 5 – CLOSED ( I will still post a workout that everyone can do at home)

Check out the NEW TESTIMONIALS PAGE – Thanks to Karen, Jon and Niel for the great write ups.  I am very grateful for your kind words.

50% Done – Well, the year is already half over and I can’t believe it.  The past six months have been fantastic.  The gym has more than doubled its membership, and the bonds formed at CF 908 continue to grow tighter.  I couldn’t be more proud of all the CF 908 members. Congratulations to all of you and the major steps you have taken and the progress you have made in becoming a healthy and fit individual.  Make sure you continue to track your progress.  Look back to six months ago, and see whether you were using a heavier band for pull ups, doing push ups off your knees, able to do double unders or simply just not working out.  I’ve seen people improve on so many skills this past month, and it’s time yet again to set another goal.  We are going to continue with our short-term goal theme for the next two months.  Today, or sometime this week, write down a goal for the end of July.  Remember, it’s only a month away, so make it something feasible but rewarding, like consecutive double unders or a muscle up.

Today’s Links –

Jeanne and Ally working on push ups
Jeanne and Ally working on push ups
Functional Fitness Gathering
Functional Fitness Gathering

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm Up
  • Front Squat – 3-3-3-3-3 – Start @ 70% of your 1RM and work your way up to 90%.
  • Conditioning – 12 min AMRAP
    • 7 Burpees
    • 9 Ring Dips
    • 11 V-Ups
  • 2 min Plank + 1 min each side
  • Stretch

1 thought on “07/01/10 – The year is 50% done….Thoughts?”

  1. The testimonials are excellent! On another note, I just got back from a 3 mile run, and I feel faster than ever 🙂