08/23/11 – Muscle Ups are Back!

Reminder: Rick, Ron, and Allen are training the classes today, and I will be back tomorrow.  Also for this week, tonight’s Fundamentals class is rescheduled for Wednesday @ 6:45.  Tonight @ 6:45 is the WOD, and Wednesday’s WOD @ 6:45 is cancelled.  Schedule is shown in MindBody.

Today’s Recipe – Bolitas de Platano Maduro con Tocino – Nutty Kitchen – These look amazing

Today’s Link –


Father / Daughter HSPU's!
There are always ways to scale a workout up or down. Here, Carly and Rob show how you can use abmats to shorten range of motion or parallettes to increase range of motion. BTW, if you have not tried an HSPU, you don't know what you're missing!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • 10 minute muscle up instruction / modification (box/band/jumping)
  • WOD – 5 Rounds For Time
    • 50 Double Unders
    • 5 Muscle Ups (Sub 15 Pull Ups / 15 Ring Dips)
  • Rest 5 min – 50 Toes To Bar For Time
  • Stretch

10 thoughts on “08/23/11 – Muscle Ups are Back!”

  1. As of right now I think we have Christina, Maggie, Jim R confirmed (BTW with all due respect for Maggie and Christina they are new and down to compete for 908 so what’s your excuse??) for the Nasty Northeast. I’m pretty sure Pat is in and perhaps Jay, Ron and Tim. We will need two more for two teams. It’s $50 bucks but it’s for a good cause and it’s 4 work outs over eight weeks. If you can’t make one or more offer your spot to someone else it’s all in good fun and 9/11’s is on the beach in Manasquan so there will be a big party after at Leggit’s then crash at Grandma Romagnano’s if need be.

  2. Katie Carroll is in too!! Sorry Jim, I’ll be in Vegas this weekend and have a wedding dts 9/10. But I will come to cheer you guys on 9/11!!

  3. Thank you, sister, for looking out for me!!! Yes, Dottie is IN for Sunday!!! Jim, how could you forget about Dottie?!?! One leg…always with Jack D. in her back pocket…who doesn’t want her on their team?!? 🙂 My $50 is paid and I am ready to be on a team, so let’s do this!!! Let me know what the deal is 🙂

  4. Dottie, I didn’t know you were down sorry about that. Ok so it’s the old man and three women on one team perhaps.

  5. I spoke to Jessica who is the Director of Marketing and Social Affairs and she said it going to start at 9 and run until 2 or so…I know that sucks a bit but in case anyone was wondering. I’m going to need my team mates to pick me up since I’m going to see Brian play Sat night!

    1. Last update, I told her we had a team of an old man and three chicks and she said there is nothing crazy with the events they are all do-able so if that was a concern there you go.

  6. It sounds like as of now there are 2 full teams. If there are any others looking to start a 3rd team I may be interested. Just trying to see if those Sundays work.