08/24/11 – "DT"

Reminder: Tonight’s 6:45 class is Fundamentals.  The 6:45 WOD is cancelled for tonight.

Today’s Recipe – Pan Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes – Nutty Kitchen

Today’s Link –


Carly hitting full extension with not a bend in her arms!
The WODfather - I see early arm pull, hips not completely open and a barbell that is far away from the body. I think seeing yourself is helpful in correcting form. This picture is from last Monday. Jim worked on his clean Thursday and already has made dramatic improvements.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – “DT” – 5RFT
    • 12 Deadlift (155/105)
    • 9 Hang Power Clean
    • 6 Push Jerk
  • HandStand Hold or Walk – 2 minutes or 3 lengths of the gym
  • Stretch

10 thoughts on “08/24/11 – "DT"”

  1. 2 minutes upside down?! Pat is the only freakofnature that can do this without getting dizzy! Excited to come back to the gym today!!! I was going through withdrawl!

  2. Nasty Northeast update….So far we have confirmed Maggie, Christina R, Kaite C, Jim R.
    I think Pat but not positive and Jason, I know Ant is interested and so is Mike H from his post. I’d hate to see people pay their money and not have a team to work out with so if you signed up or are interested perhaps you could make note on the web or at the gym. It’s 9 to around 2pm on this sunday.

  3. the Real Pat Earley

    Yeah I officially signed up today haha. Looks like big Jim is the new CF908 events coordinator?

  4. Hey all if anyone needs any tickets to the barclays let me know I have a whole pile of extras.

  5. I just signed up so hopefully we get another team going, this sunday will be rough after a big BBQ on sat. Also signed up for the 31 Heroes on Sept 3rd.

  6. I’m officially signed up for Northeast Throwdown. Let’s get teams on the whiteboard today and tomorrow so we are all on the same page.

    Scott, I think I have someone that wants tickets for Thursday…possible?