08/30/10 – Power Cleans & Conditioning

New Fundamentals Group Starts Today @ 5am.  We are meeting the following dates at 5am.

Monday, 8/30
Tuesday, 8/31
Thursday, 9/2
Friday, 9/3

Tuesday, 9/7
Wednesday, 9/8
Friday, 9/10

I seriously might just post a link to this blog everyday.  Kelly Starrett has started a blog called Mobility WOD. The goal is to educated us, trainers and athletes, on how to get mobile, strong and healthy.  Here is a recent video that I feel is very topical for CrossFit 908.  Many of our athletes (especially women) have a tendency to do the following.  Please watch and try the stretch out tonight.

Today’s Links –

Greg pulls 405# for 5
Greg pulls 405# for 5
I love these pictures.....so many more good ones too!
I love these pictures.....so many more good ones too!

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm Up
  • Power Cleans – 3-3-3-3-3 – Work on Form!
  • WOD – Complete the following intervals each for time.  Attempt to increase speed each interval.
    • Row 1k – 70%
    • Rest 1 min
    • Run 900m – 80%
    • Rest 2 min
    • Row 500m – 90%
    • Rest 3 min
    • Run 300m – 100%
  • Work on a goal
  • Stretch

1 thought on “08/30/10 – Power Cleans & Conditioning”

  1. I think the video was very useful… it truly explained the whole reasoning behind doing squats with proper knee positioning. I better understand the knee alignment now and why it is so important. I will work on that with more conscious effort and also try out the stretch today! Thanks, Tim

    By the way, that little girl stole the show! I can just imagine the future Erin-Tim child at CF908.