09/29/11 – DIY Thursday

Happy Birthday Allen!  We are so happy you are a part of CrossFit 908 and will be training more classes soon!

Crossfit 908’s 2nd Birthday Party – POTENTIAL DATE CHANGE.  For everyone that already responded yes to October 15, can you make October 22nd?  We just found out that October 16 is the last challenge in the Nasty Northeast Competition.  I don’t want to screw things up, but if the 22nd works, which is also Barbells for Boobs, then we may switch it to that date. PLEASE RESPOND TO THE COMMENTS SECTION!

Today’s Recipe – Chicken Wings – Perfect Health Diet

Today’s Link –

J&J rocking some SDHP's... Inseparable and somehow finish each workout at the exact same time!
Lara loves anything sumo....no he didn't! What's up with your bar being so uneven?!

Schedule –

  • Warm Up
  • Choose a WOD – Missed / Lift / Endurance
  • Stretch

33 thoughts on “09/29/11 – DIY Thursday”

  1. Barbells for boobs than Party! I’m in but isn’t there a chance they could make up the last Nasty on that Sunday? Either way I’m down to party with the 908 Fam anytime anywhere and besides a 908 team hung over is just making fair for everyone else (if you are everyone else and reading this only kidding..go easy on the old guy!)

  2. Happy Birthday Allen! Lara- that pic is beast, I love it!

    Unfortunately I probably can’t make it on the 22nd 🙁

  3. Happy Birthday Allen! and congrats to Eric on yesterday’s workout, four minutes faster than anyone for the day…serious beast mode way to rock!

  4. Happy Birthday Allen!

    22nd is better for me! I may not be around the other weekend…

    Lara – I am lovin’ those QUADS!!!! Who cares about the uneven bar when you’ve got quads like those 🙂

  5. –Happy Birthday, Allen! I’m so glad you have joined the 908 family 🙂 Thanks for being such a big help to my brother and the 908 🙂
    –Lara……girrrrrrl, you’re rockin’ it in that pic 🙂 Now, who’s a sexy bi##h?? 🙂
    –T-boz, I’ll talk to you about the 22nd when I see you today 🙂

  6. Happy Burfday Allen! Thanks for being such a great motivator at CF908.

    The 22nd looks good so far for me. I’ll probably bring the bf along.

  7. I didn’t even see a barbell in that HOT picture of Lara. That ass could start a fire. No go for the 22nd. JR=OUT

  8. Happy Birthday Allen! I will most likely attend on the 22nd… not sure about the hubby though. I’ll let you know!

  9. Count me in for the 22nd. I was going to go to a civilized wine & cheese party at a neighbors house, but this sounds like more fun;)