10/20/10 – Squats and Sweat

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Saturday, October 23 – Barbell For Boobs – Amazing Grace Event – Volunteers wanted for BBQ

  • Start Time – 9:30am
  • The Workout – 30 Clean & Jerks For Time.  Each athlete can choose his or her own weight.  The prescribed weights by CrossFit standards are 135#/95#.
  • How It Will Work – CF908 members will partner up.  Each partner will count for the other partner and then switch.  We will ask each counter to hold high standards for the movement.  We will go over the standards prior to the workout.
  • What To Wear – PINK!  Guys/Ladies, support the cause and wear Pink!
  • After / BBQ – It looks like the weather will be nice on Saturday.  It might be a little chilly, but the sun will be out.  We need some volunteers! Here are some suggestions.  If you can do it, please post to the comments section.  Please confirm your attendance on Saturday so that I can plan accordingly.  I will be providing hamburgers and hotdogs.  Also a cooler of beer will be on hand.
    • A grill or two!
    • Plates / Plastic ware / Cups
    • Chips / Snacks
    • Other Drinks

Today’s Links –

The sleeveless 908 T - Created by Jim Edge
The sleeveless 908 T - Created by Jim Edge
Ring Dips and Ring Rows - Brutal Combination!
Ring Dips and Ring Rows - Brutal Combination!

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm Up
  • Back Squat – 5×5 – Keep weight the same across all sets.  Work at 70%+ of your 1RM
  • WOD – 5 Rounds for total calories / Reps
    • Row – 45 seconds
    • Rest 15 seconds
    • Double Unders – 45 seconds
    • Rest 15 seconds
    • V-Ups – 45 seconds
    • Rest 15 seconds
  • Stretch – Mobility WOD – Knee-itis

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