10/26/11 – 908 Hero Dog WOD – "Jayda"

Running Clinic – Wed Nov 2 during the night classes. Paul Potorti, from CrossFit Durham, will be here instructing on Pose running.  We will have a workout after.  The exact time frame will be updated soon.

Wilkes Weightlifting Seminar @ CF 908 – Sunday, Dec 11 – All Day.  $177 per person. 24 people maximum.  A website will be set up soon for you to register.  I will update the site with the information.  Don’t miss your spot!

CrossFit 908 Upcoming Events Page – Under the About tab on CrossFit908.com you will find an upcoming events tab.  You can see everything that is happening with CF 908 in the near future. Check it out and let us know how we can make it better.

Today’s Recipe – Bison Stew – Primal Palate

Today’s Link – Dear Mark: Egg Shell Calcium, Fully Hydrogenated Oils, HG Walking, Gorging and Frozen Produce – Mark’s Daily Apple

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – “Jayda” – 3 Rounds For time
    • 300m Run
    • 33 Wall Balls (20/14)
    • 33 Farmer’s Lunge (60+40+)
    • 33 Hand Release Push Ups
  • Finisher – Hollow Hold – 2 minutes
  • Stretch

45 thoughts on “10/26/11 – 908 Hero Dog WOD – "Jayda"”

  1. +1 Beautiful pic of J.

    Last week, I weighed myself and I lost 8 pounds! Tonight, though, I gained 5! (Not from the original weight, from last week.) I have been sooo good and dedicated to the challenge. Is this normal? Totally bummed me out–I’m not weighing myself at all again until this is over!

    1. PJ made a good point about how weight can vary based on time of day, and also, for we women, there are a bunch of hormonal factors that come into play that can make weight change over the course of a month. Obviously things are going in the right direction, which is great. Most importantly, how do you feel?

    2. Maureen,
      1.) Put the scale away. It’s been 16 days! Yes, the nutrition challenge is only 6.5 weeks, but it’s purpose is to slowly shift your nutrition choices to something that will support positive body composition changes, higher energy levels, and hopefully longevity. Down 8, up 5 sounds like typical daily fluctuations and water weight. I am usually 5-7lbs lighter in the AM than I am at the end of the day. Here is my opinion. If I make good food choices I feel good. When I cheat, I feel great eating it, then feel like crap physically and mentally after. In the most sincere and least offensive way I know how to say this, the chocolate cake wasn’t the miracle diet before, so why would you choose to eat it now when all you want to do is lose some more weight?! I know you have cravings. We all do. Switch things up as much as you can. Skip Breakfast one day. When you eat, eat until you are full. Make sure you are supplementing with good fats. Low carb + Low fat = feeling like crap. We’re here for you. Whenever you think you’re going rogue, just post to the blog and we’ll support you!

  2. +1 ….does anyone have another suggestion for quick snack besides raw almonds/cashews? I feel like I am not seeing results b/c nuts are high fat, but its the only damn thing that does not make me feel starving all day and I don’t know how much meat I can handle.

    1. Nicole, I’ve been eating cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices with some salt as a snack. No where near as good as nuts, but I’m getting used to it.

    2. Hey Nicole. I made kale chips this week & they’re pretty good & really easy to make. I also roasted eggplant, red bell pepper, onion & garlic, then used a stick blender to make a dip. I made sweet potato fries (baked) to eat w/ the dip. Also made guacamole. Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. C- I bought sweet potatoes the other day and when I peeled one last night, it was yellow inside, not orange. Tasted the same as a sweet potato, looked exactly like one on the outside…what did I eat? And…was it allowed?

        1. There are a bunch of different varieties of sweet potatoes. My personal favorite is actually white on the inside, and it’s no where near as sweet as the orange ones you usually get in the supermarket (which I generally find a bit too sweet). If it looked like a sweet potato, it probably was one. Heck- I’m pretty sure you can actually get blue sweet potatoes!

          1. Maureen, if you ever see Japanese sweet potatoes at the store, get them. They are more purple on the outside, and they are an off white on the inside. They taste sweeter and creamier than regular yams. SOOOOO GOOD! I have seen them labeled as Asian sweet potatoes or Oriental sweet potatoes as well.

            Here’s a link I thought might be helpful to ID your potatoes next time 🙂

        2. Mo: Erin provided a great guide to sweet potatos. There are tons of different sweet potatoes/yams out there. The names are used interchangeably. The outsides can all look different too. The one you ate is great for mashing. The orange ones are great for baking. The ones that are purple inside looks really cool. haha Just experiment. The nutrition challenge has forced me to cook in a totally new way & I’m loving it. If anyone has tasty recipes, please share with us. I love getting new ideas.

          And Mo, you ARE awesome. Remember that. <3

          Karen K: Thanks for sending me the spaghetti squash recipe. I'll be sure to try it soon.

    3. Time to find out how much meat you can handle!! Seriously- meat is awesome. Why eat nuts when you can eat a steak?

      Alternatively- how about hard boiled eggs, coconut, or if you can find some sugar free/soy free/wheat free jerky (unfortunately many have soy sauce and sweeteners).

      (And don’t worry about high-fat snacks- fat keeps you full!)

  3. Maureen – just in my personal experience when I’m not on any kind of challenge, I see the best results each time when I weigh myself in the morning when I first wake up. This way you don’t have anything in your stomach and I feel like it’s a more “true weight.” This, of course, is just my experience and I could be totally wrong. Don’t get discouraged. When I first started crossfit, I was always thinking negatively about my progress. Tim made a good point one day and it really stuck with me. He told me that I needed to continue to think positively about my weight-loss and my progress. Funnily enough, each time I weighed myself thereafter, I saw positive results. It’s like Tim knows what he’s talking about or something.

    1. Thanks, PJ! I’m going to go put this chocolate cake back in the fridge… 😉 I’m staying strong!

  4. I second what Kevin said. I will most definitely be there to participate in this WOD. 🙂
    We <3 you, Jayda!

  5. +1
    Snacks are tough to give up. I eat carrot sticks and almond butter and then an apple. I made some homemade no sugar applesauce which was a nice change. Hang in there!

  6. +1 Can’t wait to do the workout for another angel, Jayda.
    Hang in there Maureen you look awesome!!

  7. Maureen, it took me almost 8 months to loose 35+ lbs and it’s still a struggle since that damn cake still talks to me when I walk by it. Once you make changes in your diet it really does stick and it starts to fall off but there is a lag so just keep going, you are doing so great! We all have your back and that should count for something!

  8. also keep in mind, that even though the challenge has a weight component to it, the change body composition is way more important than that number on the scale. One of the reasons why Tim highly recommended that you take pictures of yourself. Since we see ourselves all the time we don’t notice physical changes as much, and so we go by the scale number. your body composition can have a very noticable change without your weight changing at all.

    I’ve only been at 908 for a couple months now, but many people have told me I look different and bigger. I’ve lost maybe 2-3 pounds, but body composition has changed a lot. I’m not even doing the nutrition challenge, but let me just say to all you guys doing the challenge–it’s noticable. don’t get thrown by that big evil number 🙂

  9. Crew – Looking for a suggestion for an afternoon “pick me up” for a non-coffee/tea drinker, non-soda drinker…any thoughts?

    1. Depends how big of a pick-me-up you’re looking for, but I make coconut milk-banana-berry smoothies from time to time… They’re pretty awesome!

  10. +1

    and all these posts motivated me to stick with this… even though i haven’t seen much of a change myself on the scale. 🙂 thanks guys- tim sorry i didn’t come today even tho i signed up, everyone’s sick at my school and i am not feeling great :/

  11. That is such a beautiful picture of Jayda!! Gave me the chills to see it…I’m sorry I had to miss her WOD today 🙁 I am def going to make this one up one Thursday–looks like a great one!! Jayda would be proud, Ron :). Xoxoxo

  12. I’m proud of all u guys doing the challenge!! Even tho I am not doing it, u guys motivate me to be “good” :). And, Mo, u keep going girlfriend!! U are a crossfitter!!! And u look great! Xoxo