10/27/11 – Pimp Your Day Thursday

Happy birthday Sharon & Roman!

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar Website – This is where you need to sign up!  CrossFit 908 members will have the first opportunity to sign up.  We will open it to the public in one week.  Make sure to click on Seminars.

Today’s Recipe – Baked Taro Chips – Nutty Kitchen – I have posted this before, but here is an idea for a snack.

Today’s Link – Weight Training Programs – 7 Ways to Get Stronger Now – Eric Cressey


Love the no tuck on the HSPU
Good butt, I mean rep! What am I looking at?

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Goal Work / Missed WOD make up / Lift Heavy / Endurance
  • Work on your tight bits

30 thoughts on “10/27/11 – Pimp Your Day Thursday”

  1. Pluss with you hands on you hips like that! not that there is anything wrong with that, right Rusty.

  2. or better yet what are you WEARING?! lol was not expecting that. so mad I missed that day! for the event…not your outfit.

  3. Tim!!!! I dont have ricks phone number, advise him he needs to turn his american flag around so the stars are on the left!!!!!!!!!

  4. +1

    …and i had a teacher bday breakfast this AM where i ate fruit and eggs instead of the pastries/bagels/cake/cinnamon buns… it was hard but i feel good now 🙂

  5. +47

    When are non-members able to sign up for the oly seminar? And can I request my station be next to Tony Naps the “cowgirls” fan??