11/03/14: Nutrition Challenge Winners

Thank you all so much for coming out Saturday night for CrossFit 908’s 5th Anniversary party.  The night was a huge success, and the party went late as usual.  Big shout out to DMP, AC, and Steve for showing up Sunday morning for Open Gym, even though we thought we had cancelled it (oops), and cleaned the entire gym.  You guys are awesome people for cleaning up someone else’s mess!  This deed will not go unnoticed.

Nutrition Challenge – Congratulations to Margie Cranston and Catherine DeAppolonio on winning the October Nutrition Challenge!  You two did an amazing job.  Honorable mention for Jackie Tumolo who was a close third.  Joe McManus and Will McLean were our two best performing males in the challenge.   I hope the challenge was rewarding for those who completed it.  I think it should act as a great guide on how to approach nutrition.  You don’t have to stick to it 100% forever, but following it about 80% over the long term will yield great results and allow you some flexibility with your nutrition.

New Fundamentals on Tuesday, 11/4 @ 7:30PM.  Spread the word.  Sign Up Here.  

Today’s Workout:

  • Back Squat – 7 x 1 @ 95% of 3RM (5lbs heavier than last week)
  • Conditioning – EMOM15
    • 1st Min – Row (Sx = 100M / Rx = 150M / CRx = 200M)
    • 2nd Min – Double Unders (Sx = 50 Singles / Rx = 30 Double Unders / CRx = 50 Double Unders
    • 3rd Min – Toes To Bar (Sx = 15 V-Ups / Rx = 10 Toes To Bar / CRx = 10 Strict Toes To Bar)
  • Finisher – 3 x :30 on / :30 Off Hollow Hold
I wonder what was so interesting....
I wonder what was so interesting….

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