12/16/10 – Deads and Stuff

Today’s Recipe – “Primal” Holiday Desserts” – Robb Wolf

Today’s Link – Setting Yourself Up To Win: A Body By Science Approach – Mark’s Daily Apple

Lunges by Dani
Leor and Janelle doing modified rope climbs. They are very taxing on the grip.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Deadlift – 3 x 10 @ or about 75%
  • WOD – Partner WOD – 10 min AMRAP
    • 20m Sled Push
    • Max Double Unders
      • Every Double Under is 1 point.  Every 20m Sled Push is 20 points.  Keep track of your points.  If there is an odd number of people, the person will do AMRAP 50 double unders and 20m sled push.
  • Accessory – 50 Toes To Bar for time
  • Stretch

2 thoughts on “12/16/10 – Deads and Stuff”

  1. Hey Tim just wondering for those of us who signed up for the holiday throw down. When can we do the workout?