12/21/17: Squats!

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – 5 x 5 Back Squat @ 80%+ for all sets.  All sets should be very challenging.  Rest 3 minutes between working sets.  Last Back Squats 4 x 5 on 11/3.
    • Intention: Today’s focus is on the strength portion.  We want everyone focusing on really challenging yourself with each set of squats.  The squats should take upwards of 30 minutes.  The conditioning is optional.
  • Optional Conditioning –
    • 1K Row Time Trial – If you have something left after the squats, give this one a go.  No pacing.  Go nuts.
  • Finisher – 3 Sets – 10 Lateral High Box Steps Ups Each Leg + 20 Good Mornings
Nicole rocking it on the bike!