Happy Birthday Peter!

An Interview With Dr. Stuart McGill – Part II – T-Nation

Green Eggs and Ham – Primal Palate

For anyone doing the Nutrition Challenge please make sure you have…

  • Sent me an email with your weight and scores for the benchmark lift and workout.  Even if I already have your weight, please send me your scores.
  • Paid the $25 entry fee
  • Taken before pics at the gym or sent them to me
  • Received the email with all of the nutrition challenge info.  The challenge starts Monday!

Wodface killa!
D Russ....male model

Schedule – Games Competitors – Work on Double Unders and Muscle Ups

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • 5×5 Strict Pull Ups – Use weight if possible
  • WOD –
    • Row 500m
    • 5 RDS
      • 10 Pull Ups
      • 15 Push Ups
      • 20 Air Squats
    • Row 500m
  • Stretch
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