03/27/11 – Sunday Update

Fundamentals – We are finishing our current Fundamentals group this Thursday.  Next week we will be starting a NEW Fundamentals Group.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested please have them email [email protected].  Thanks!

CrossFit Games Sectionals Open – I am going to a Wedding next Saturday.  We are going to move the 9:30am CrossFit Class to 8:30am, and we will have a Sectional WOD @ 9:30am.  Also,  can do WOD#2 some night this week if we can get everyone to agree on a time.  I was thinking Wednesday night, this way if you are unhappy with your performance you can try again Saturday.  Competitors, potentials judges and cheer squad post your thoughts to comments.

This week @ 908…

  • Monday – Chipper (A workout where you perform a set number of reps for a given exercise once, like Filthy 50)
  • Tuesday – Deadlift + AMRAP
  • Wednesday – Hero/Girl – Angie
  • Thursday – Custom Day
  • Friday – Clean & Jerk + Row Intervals
  • Saturday – A new take on “Helen”

9 thoughts on “03/27/11 – Sunday Update”

  1. Rick, Ron, Meredith, Jen, Jason and anyone else who wants to do the workout on Wednesday, could you guys try to make it to the 5:15? I have to leave after that class and would love to do the workout with all of you. If not, no big deal. If we do it again, we can all do it on Saturday. Anyone interested in judging?