03/28/11 – Chipper Monday

Fundamentals – We are finishing our current Fundamentals group this Thursday.  Next week we will be starting a NEW Fundamentals Group.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested please have them email [email protected].  Thanks!

CrossFit Games Sectionals Open – Ignore everything I said about a wedding this Saturday.  The wedding is not until the following week.  We will host the Sectional workout on Wednesday night @ 5:15 & 6:00pm and Saturday @ 10:30am.  The Saturday CrossFit WOD is still at 9:30am.

Today’s Recipe – Curried Tilapia with Rutabaga Chips – ChowStalker

Today’s Links – I Smell a Nutrition Challenge Coming…

Feathered and Lethal! (there was no music playing)
Feathered and Lethal! (there was no music playing)
Greg's been working on his OHS and it is looking pretty good.  Nice work Greg!
Greg's been working on his OHS and it is looking pretty good. Nice work Greg!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – For Time
    • 70 Burpees
    • 60 Sit Ups (Abmat)
    • 50 Swings (53/35)
    • 40 Pull Ups
    • 30 Hand Stand Push Ups
  • Collect a total of 120 seconds in a L-Hold
  • Stretch

7 thoughts on “03/28/11 – Chipper Monday”

  1. Took me a minute to realize who was in the car…lol!! U funny :). And, did u really mean 70 burpees for today?? Oh, boy!!

  2. To my nooners: I’ll miss u guys today–I’ll be sleeping :). Looks like a great workout–I’ll be there tonite! And, I can be there Wed nite to help judge 🙂

  3. Good article on feeding kids. While I agree with most of what he says, the author glosses over the key point, that he doesn’t have kids of his own. Raising kids, in all regards, is a lot easier to write about than to actually do. I think that overall I do a good job of promoting healthy eating to my kids, but the bottom line is that when you have to provide 3 meals plus snacks to your kids every single day sometimes chicken nuggets, PB&J, pasta with butter, oatmeal, frozen waffles, or even Lucky Charms (OMG!) is the only answer. I can’t find 3 vegetables that my daughter is willing to eat without crying for 20 minutes first. Try getting her to eat 3 servings of vegetables…each day! So yes sometimes after a long day of work and a Monday Chipper at Crossfit, you get home and don’t want to engage in a 20 minute battle to get your 8 year old to eat one broccoli floret. Got it Raj?

  4. Eric Chludzinski

    I agree Vincent. I was thinking the same when i read that article. My boys are like night and day. My oldest will eat meat, fruit, veggies all day long but with my youngest its a constant battle to get him to eat any of it. Its very challenging but we do the best we can. Not as easy as clear cut as the article suggests.

  5. What Vincent and Eric said. I do the veggie fight 3 days a week. I do make them eat fruit with every meal…but, I can’t take the fight every single night. I shoot for broccoli and some other type of veggie when I have the power within to fight the fight.

    1. Re: Kids Article – I didn’t mean to suggest that feeding kids primal foods was easy. I doubt I will have the mental fortitude to fight with my kids about nutrition. I guess it is a really difficult situation. The one thing parents have control over is what is bought at the grocery store. The cleaner you buy, the cleaner you will have to cook. Not saying your kids won’t hate you in the short term, but you do have some say. Do you really feel like doing it though?