02/11/11 – Presses & Row

Rugby – Tomorrow, beginning @ 3pm, the Union County Rugby team is hosting its annual Pub Crawl in Cranford, NJ. They are starting at the Office, then the Cranford Hotel, Kilkenny House and lastly the Riverside.  If you are interested in trying Rugby, enjoy drinking or just want to have a good time with one of CrossFit 908’s own, Leaor Schwartz, try it out.  For any information on Rugby you can contact Leaor at [email protected].

Music – 908ers!  I need new music for the workouts.  Please, anyone, everyone, burn me a cd (either audio or mp3) and bring it to the gym.  I will upload all the songs to my Ipod, and we’ll all be happy.  Disclaimer: Don’t bring in something you know everyone is going to hate, cool?  I need at least 200 new songs, or I might go insane.

Today’s Recipe – Chocolate Chip Raspberry Mini Muffins – Primal Palate

Today’s Links –

Jim hitting proper depth on a ring dip
Jim hitting proper depth on a ring dip
PJ doing a goblet lunge
PJ doing a goblet lunge

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Shoulder Press – 5-5-5 / Push Press 3-3-3 / Split Jerk 1-1-1 (Attempt to add weight each set throughout all 9 sets)
  • WOD – Row 4 x 500m with 2 minutes rest in between.  For every second difference between fasted and slowest hold a plank for 15 times that amount
  • Stretch

3 thoughts on “02/11/11 – Presses & Row”

  1. Those who work-out together, drink together :). (Or is it the other way around?? Haha!) Last night was a fun time at D-Heights :). Thanks to u guys were treated me to my wine 🙂 I love the community that 908 is, and I love getting my a** kicked w/u guys as well as relaxing and throwing back a couple with u all :). Xoxo

  2. Same here Katie! 908 is the place to be great people and great workouts. Now just have to get through this hangover! LOL! Good times

  3. Sounds like it was a good time. Wish I’d have been there. Work gets in the way sometimes.

    Thanks for the press, Tim. We’ll be spending about 1.5 hours at each bar. There’ll be lots of drink specials. Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t cause (too much) trouble. Everyone is friendly. And some of the guys are crossfitters, too. Hope to see some of you there.