02/28/13: Last Day of The Nutrition Challenge!!!!!

  • Congratulations to all of the people who completed the Nutrition Challenge!  Make sure you weigh in no later than Friday.  Email Heather if you need to do your second round of measurements.  Make sure to Email Tim your total points and before and after weights.  Looking forward to some awesome results!
  • FOOD FEST!!!! – 908 Paleo Food Fest – Sunday 03/03/13 – We need participants to cook food and submit recipes for the 908 cookbook, and for the food fest.  I know you all have made some great food over the past month.  Share it with us!  Please reference Sunday’s Post with all of the Food Fest / Recipe Submission details.

Today is Thursday Yoursday.  Make up a workout you missed from Mon-Wed or work on a skill or just rest up for Friday’s amazing workout :).  Make sure you do some mobility and stretch your tight bits!  Treat yo’self right!

Kim and Drew slamming some balls
Kim and Drew slamming some balls

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