03/01/12 – Autopay, Dr. Chris Tonight, Nutrition Challenge Winner and Jump Ropes

Happy birthday Vincent!
Is This What’s Best For The Sport of Fitness?

AUTOPAY – I will be going through accounts over the next few weeks to set people up for autopay for the next year. You will be set to auto renew at your current membership. If you need to change your membership, please plan on giving me at least a week’s notice. Also, if your card is going to expire, please update your info in the system. Thank you!

Nutrition Challenge – Congratulations to everyone who completed the nutrition challenge. The person who lost the greatest % of weight is Linda MP, with a whopping 6.77%! Right behind Linda, was Brad G. with a 6.62%, and then Rahul B. with 6.44%. This was by far our most successful nutrition challenge. Laurie Z., Rob M., Carly H., Alexis L., Jason S., Tarak K., and Jill K. all lost over 4% of their bodyweight in just 6-weeks! These are amazing weight loss figures. There are some people, including Carly and Rob, who want to keep the challenge going. Is there anyone that wants to hop on board and start a new challenge? We can certainly keep this success going. Also, how many people would be interested in a performance based challenge? 8-weeks for most improvement on a benchmark workout. Post thoughts to comments.

Dr. Chris Stepien will be in tonight. Make sure you sign up!

Jump Ropes – Pat has come across some great jump ropes. We were thinking about ordering a bunch. I know we have interest in 4 so far. Cost will be about $20. You can keep it at home or leave it at the gym and put your name on it. They are super fast, and I think they are some of the best I have ever tried. Ask Pat to try his, and then post your interest to the comments section.

Two days in a row on the site! This pic is so good though!
Jeremy, Peter, and Katie enjoying some Annie

Schedule – 5:15-7:00pm will be the Open WOD tonight.

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Do Your Own Thing / Open WOD
  • Stretch

42 thoughts on “03/01/12 – Autopay, Dr. Chris Tonight, Nutrition Challenge Winner and Jump Ropes”

  1. Are they magic jump ropes? In that they will enable you to do double unders? Then I’ll take one! (Seriously, count me in for one).

  2. AWESOME JOB nutrition challenge people! great results, you guys have way more will power and determination than I do 😛

  3. Count me in for the continue of the challenge and the jump rope
    And count Heather in for a jump rope as well

  4. Also interested in knowing if this jump rope is magic…looking to get through a double under workout without tears! I’ll get one.
    I know I flaked on the last challenge, but I would be up for another one and/or a performance based one. Great job, you guys!

  5. If the “magic” jump rope will help me with double unders…count me in for 1.
    I’d be up for another challenge…nutrition as well as performance! Hopefully I’ll be able to complete the next one…make it further each time.

  6. Congrats to all you nutrition challengers! I’m so proud of you!!! 🙂

    I tried this magic rope this morning.. it’s amazing!! Count me in!!!!!

    Hot pics yo! Carly, you keep repeat- PEAT PEAT PEAT PEAT PEAT!!! LOL

  7. Way to rock the face off that nutrition challenge! Now I will go lose some sleep thinking about the 12.2. BTW – I call first round tomorrow…want to get this over with!

  8. Congrats to the nutrition challenge winners. You all did awesome!
    I want a magic rope! How come Pat didn’t let me try it out tonight? 🙂

    1. Please add one more jump rope for me (for Vince). So that’s a total of 2 for me. Thanks!

  9. A) I’m going to throw up thinking about WOD #2.
    B) Congrats to all the nutrition challenge peeps!!! So proud of all of you!!!
    C) I would like a jump rope, too, please :).
    D) My stomach is turning over as we speak…
    E) Time for bed…see you all tomorrow…maybe…….. :).

  10. I just got an f-ing jump rope! Are jump ropes the new electronics….you buy something, then a month later there’s a new better one? sheesh.

  11. In for a jump rope.
    Can you also rush order me a magic olympic lifting bar to get me through 12.2?

  12. I would love a magic jump rope so that one day when I can jump rope again I might actually be able to do a DU!

    Fantastic job on the nutritional challenge everyone! Amazing results.

    Good luck to all the game competitors today and Saturday!

  13. I would love a handy dandy jump rope. As well and joining in on the nutrition challenge.

    WHO’S READY FOR WOD#2?!?! Team 908 all the way!

    Love me some snatches.

  14. Congrats to the challengers! You guys have such determination!

    I’d like a jump rope. Perhaps if it is magic, I may actually do a DU.

  15. Put me down for a jump rope also. I’m not sure i have the willpower yet for the nutrition challenge, but I’d be up for a performance challenge.
    Great job everyone on the nutrition challenge!


  16. I want a jumprope! Por Favor!

    Who would have thought I’d be begging for more burpees!?!
    Oh well, still on my MU high!