04/14/11 – Yhursday

A Couple of Housekeeping Items –

  • Somebody borrowed a pair of my shorts.  I can’t remember who.  If you have them, can I have them back?
  • There are several items that have been left in the gym (shirts, pants, 1 sock).  Please take a look to see if any of the paraphernalia is yours.  The items will be tossed at the end of April, unless they are nice and a size large men or small women.  Then, they’ll become a part of the Carroll family.  🙂

PJ’s Movie Corner

Today’s Recipe – Jamaican Jerk Salmon – Chowstalker

Today’s Links –


Katie & Katie showing off two different styles of swings. Both are correct.
The Dr. exhibiting proper depth on a ring dip.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Pick a workout from Mon/Tue/Wed to make up, work on a goal, work on a skill, complete an endurance workout or complete the sectional workout.
  • Stretch – Mobility WOD

5 thoughts on “04/14/11 – Yhursday”

  1. I am in possession of a pair of shorts that aren’t mine. They look a little small to be yours but if black with blue stripes sounds right I’m your guy.

  2. It sounds like Tim and Rick must’ve had a productive evening…

    Killin it so far PJ.
    “I was on quaaludes, I don’t even REMEMBER Oslo.”

  3. Those 44lb Kettle Bell swings have really given me extra power for knocking over glasses of red wine.

  4. Looks like you two Katies also plan outfits when working out together…you’re both lookin’ strong and fashionable!